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m62 logoWe are pretty good at what we do. But don’t take our word for it – read what some of our customers have to say about us.

  • The presentation went very well. I can honestly say it’s the best set of slides that I have presented in front of. Great work for such a short space of time. At the end of the afternoon, people were queuing up to talk to me and ask me more questions, so clearly the presentation had an impact. Thanks again and nice work!

    Simon Cohen, Head of UK Channel Sales, Condeco
  • I sincerely appreciate all your team did and the process defined by m62 that ensures focus on client value (benefits, not features) [...] Ultimately the outcome was fabulous.  The final presentation helped us to tell a powerful story, “Why Sodexo?”, and why we were the best choice for our prospect.  Both the presentation and coaching by the m62 team during practice helped to keep us focused and on track.  The imagery did what we had hoped by evoking emotion and conveying our story in a way words could not.

    Cindy Simpson, Sodexo
  • m62 are simply PowerPoint gurus. They made our message so, so simple and straightforward and just brought it to life. Now I’ve done the training course, I look at our past presentations and cringe… I’m a very happy customer! m62 are just excellent. Five star – can’t be beaten. The service, the product, the knowledge – excellent to all of the above!

    Stuart Buckley, CEO and Founding Partner, Calltracks Ltd
  • The m62 training really helped us understand why things are done in a certain way. We definitely saw a huge benefit in it – it totally changed the way we present. In fact, every new salesperson that we get on board will now be sent on the m62 Killer Presentations training course.

    Stuart Buckley, CEO and Founding Partner, Calltracks Ltd
  • We delivered the presentation to our majority shareholders today, and they were speechless, blown away. It’s almost unheard of, isn’t it – a presentation that’s actually interesting? We really stand out now – which is what we set out to do.

    Stuart Buckley, CEO and Founding Partner, Calltracks Ltd
  • We found these two days really valuable on several levels. This will clearly benefit us when in front of buyers to get our message across; the presentations created by m62 are unique, slick and memorable; 4D looks amazing – leagues above the boring bullet point presentations that we were using. I can’t wait to get out there and deliver my pitch now

    Sam Rose, Head of Sales, Calltracks Ltd
  • I found the Killer Presentation course inspiring, it was totally fascinating to hear the psychological reasons behind why we do what we do, in terms of absorbing information

    Sam Rose, Head of Sales, Calltracks Ltd
  • What we noticed above all else was the quality of m62 staff. Everyone we worked with, from consultancy to design, was extremely professional and bright, and grasped the concept of what we were trying to do very quickly. There’s nothing more frustrating than having a clear grasp of your own concepts when other people don’t – but that definitely was not the case with m62.

    Stuart Miller, Head of Managed Print Services, Concept Group
  • Given that all of our competitors were existing providers for the company whose business we were bidding for, it’s pretty powerful that we then went on to win the bid. m62′s contribution was hugely significant to our win. Our message came across much, much clearer than it did for the other companies. Six months later, audience members can still recall elements of that presentation specifically!

    Stuart Miller, Head of Managed Print Services, Concept Group
  • The VP said we were fantastic, spot on with our messaging, listened carefully, were well prepared, and we acted as a cohesive team. It was really fun and we were all hugging on the way out – we’ve never felt like this before! Thank you so much for all of m62’s help.

    Debra Gold, Senior Partner, Mercer
  • “Okay – just finished my review of all of the slides and all I can say is WOW!  REALLY IMPRESSIVE!  I can’t get over how wonderful these slides are.  I have delivered a lot of performance management training over the years and I can say that this is certain to draw the audience in – in a totally new way.  I can see why we are using m62 for our December training as well! Thank you again. You have made this a great and easy experience.”

    Lori Halsinger, Principal at Mercer
  • I had used m62 for a previous project when we were bidding on a major opportunity. m62 made a significant difference to our proposal on that deal, and were instrumental in helping us secure a £20 million opportunity for HP. I absolutely wanted to repeat what had made us successful on the previous engagement, and m62 was a core part of that success.

    Brian Fenix, Client Principal, Hewlett-Packard
  • Staff within the university are now using a lot of the slides m62 produced in their internal communications to wider audiences. This is a real advantage that we received from m62: we didn’t just get the initial impact, but we also got collateral material we could reuse in multiple other scenarios.

    Brian Fenix, Client Principal, Hewlett-Packard
  • Whenever I look at doing major pitches for large pieces of business in the future, investment in m62 services will be a no-brainer. Value added to the pitch is absolutely tangible. For me it should be a core part of our approach for any significant opportunity.

    Brian Fenix, Client Principal, Hewlett-Packard
  • Ed was recognised as the top Sales Director in Healthcare, and I was recognized as the top Sales Vice President last evening at our awards dinner. Thanks in part to you all at m62.

    Ken Centazzo, Vice President, Sales; Sodexo
  • I have never felt so confident giving a presentation – the coaching and rehearsing sessions we received were brilliant; it has completely changed the way that we, as a team, approach presentations. The graphics on-screen and the way that the team deliver presentations works extremely well – and the way that our speakers now command the room is outstanding.

    Colin Carr, Cambridge University Hospitals Foundation Trust
  • I wanted my presentation to be the best it could be, and I knew that for that I’d have to work with m62. The presentation really clarifies what we’re trying to say, and communicates it in the best way possible. I’m completely satisfied and I can’t compliment team members enough for being so attentive.

    David Glasser, Founder and CEO, First Juice
  • We were delighted at the reaction we saw from prospects. To have a group of potential clients comment hugely positively on the difference between our presentation and the competition’s proved that a well designed and delivered presentation really is the difference between winning or losing a pitch.

    Edward Balchon of Malcolm Pirnie
  • Working through the questions and undergoing a process of laying our presentation bare to the experts at m62 was a hugely beneficial process. It enabled us to clarify numerous points in terms of how they are received, which ultimately has led to an end result which suits a far broader range of audiences.

    Edward Balchon, Malcolm Pirnie
  • The presentation was a resounding success, enabling us to engage with the audience, demonstrate our understanding of the brief, effectively communicate our value proposition – and ultimately, win the business.

    Douglas Ritchie, Business Development Director, Serco
  • The presentation created by m62 was dynamic, unique and really grabbed the audience’s attention. Through the initial and incredibly detailed planning sessions we were able to establish a really clear idea of what we wanted to cover and how it should be conveyed.

    Douglas Ritchie, Business Development Director, Serco
  • We would definitely work with m62 again. m62 performed to all expectations and did so within a short space of time.

    Fin Farrelly, Marketing Manager, Airedale
  • The open62 training course as well was excellent. It was good to see the science behind presenting explained – it actually made a lot of sense. Presenters don’t really give thought to these things on a daily basis, but they can have a huge impact. The course highlighted this, and I definitely have a better understanding of presenting now.

    Fin Farrelly, Marketing Manager, Airedale
  • With a very tight lead time to work to, m62 showed real dedication to deliver the project on time. We’ve since delivered the presentation to certain key customers, and have had positive feedback. In fact, opportunities came up as a result of the presentation that we wouldn’t normally expect.

    Chris Richardson, Customer Marketing Manager, Gaymer Cider Company
  • The slides m62 produced for us are completely different to the ones we had before, and so much better. Before, we didn’t have a clear view or direction regarding the message we wanted to get across. Customers now find the concept of business orchestration much easier to understand.

    Steve Wood, CEO, Informavores
  • The presentation was slick and polished – it really looked professional. The slides demonstrated the message, making it clear and easy to understand; particularly the complicated graph, which was broken down into simple steps. Much nicer to watch than slide after slide of bullet points! It really did look great.

    Paul Armson, Prestwood Software
  • The training too proved really productive – our staff found it really useful that they were given a one to one coaching session within the training, and got a lot out of the final coaching workshop too.

    Paulette Johnson, Business Development, Nottinghamshire Healthcare
  • m62 really helped bring our points to life, offering the audience interesting and engaging 3D visuals. Static images wouldn’t have demonstrated our processes and strategies anywhere near as visually and simply. m62 used techniques to make the presentation engaging, so that the audience would focus on the key points and data all day – something that proved extremely useful.

    Juliet Glendinning, Communications Consultant, Police Mutual
  • Our experience of working with m62 was very good. We had an excellent Project Manager, and from beginning to end m62 were very helpful and committed to ensuring that we got the outcome we needed. We’re very happy with the service we’ve received. We had some fantastic training sessions, and there’s a sense of real momentum and positivity around these presentations.

    Angela Norton, Project Manager, Idis
  • What we liked was the m62 approach in terms of working with its clients to develop key messages and then progressing to the storyboard and design stages. It was clear that message was the most important element in the presentation, and the design element was created to support this.

    Angela Norton, Project Manager, Idis
  • m62 was the best of all the companies we looked at because there’s a great deal of intelligence behind the presentation theory, and it seemed to make absolute sense – both in terms of theory, and in what we were trying to achieve.

    Angela Norton, Project Manager, Idis
  • A new proven method and system to create content; visualise the message; and deliver impressive, engaging and memorable presentations.

    Henry Morris, MD, CRH Europe - Materials Division
  • The m62 process itself and the whole service have been excellent. We feel certain it will prove value for money, which is crucial to most SMEs. m62′s expertise in PowerPoint, and the presentation they have created for us, will enhance our credibility.

    Jeremy Vaughan, Choice Business Services
  • The presentation is attention-grabbing: very clear, systematic, and explanatory. It tells people what we do, and how it can help them – which is the ultimate aim.

    Jeremy Vaughan, Choice Business Services
  • I can definitely say that we got sales because of it. In fact, we haven’t been knocked out of the bidding for any of the pitches that we’ve been presenting for. Two of our customers have said that it’s the best presentation they’ve ever seen!

    Nick Cvetkovic, Sales Director of Retail & Sports Systems
  • We’re delighted with the finished presentation. It has been extremely well received by audiences. The use of graphics instead of text definitely increases retention rates and it always amazes me how many people remember certain slides.

    Nick Cvetkovic, Sales Director of Retail & Sports Systems
  • Our story is now told in a way that really helps to demonstrate our core values. It was well worth reworking our messaging. The finished presentation communicates across all channels – audience members don’t need to be technically proficient to understand it and the benefits of working with us.

    Nick Cvetkovic, Sales Director of Retail & Sports Systems
  • Having m62 create a value proposition for us was very useful, and it is something we have utilised since – we have built on it and used it as a backbone for further campaigns and messaging.

    Paulette Johnson, Business Development and Marketing Lead, Notts Healthcare
  • The presentation delivery went really well, and we were successful in winning the bid. The audience feedback was that it was the best presentation they’d ever seen, and that the information conveyed had been an influencing factor in comparing us to our competition

    Paulette Johnson, Business Development and Marketing Lead, Notts Healthcare
  • Your approach will influence the way we convey our messages in future and raise the bar in terms of future presentations

    Juliet Glendinning, Communications Consultant, Police Mutual
  • The lead up to our conference was a stressful time. So your can do approach made a big difference and it was great that you were all so easy to work with.

    Juliet Glendinning Communications Consultant, Police Mutual
  • m62 was the only agency in the market that would analyse our information with fresh eyes and look at our presentation from a psychological perspective. There are other agencies out there, but no one else who really strives to make presentations truly more effective, and not just prettier.

    Fin Farrelly, Marketing Manager, Airedale
  • You took a complex subject and quickly got your heads around it to produce a professional, slick presentation. We’re very happy with our success rate from the conference, and it seems fair to say that the presentation was a core influence in that.

    Fin Farrelly, Marketing Manager, Airedale
  • The training course too exceeded expectations. Not only did we leave better presenters, but we came away understanding the actual psychology of presenting. I am confident that we can now use dual encoding and VCD to imbed whatever we choose into the minds of our audiences.

    Adrianne Carter, General Manager, SBXL
  • Our presentation now feels much more powerful, and more likely to be remembered. The message hasn’t changed in itself, but it is now much more precise. The way our points are visualised ensures that we are not tempted to waffle, or to read off the screen.

    Adrianne Carter, General Manager, SBXL
  • No other presentation company exhibits the same psychological understanding as m62. It was important to us to express our psychological knowledge, and it was clear that using scientifically researched presentation techniques was the best way to do that.

    Adrianne Carter, General Manager, SBXL
  • I got rave reviews by the way. Not quite a standing ovation but personal congratulations from my boss and the CEO, so I think you would call that a success!

    Jaq Moore; Head of HR, Learning and Development; NHBC
  • You have made me feel so much more confident that I have an interesting and engaging slide deck. I know the presentation will have star quality.

    Jaq Moore; Head of HR, Learning and Development; NHBC
  • When we presented to our own team at the annual conference, we had audience members afterwards commenting on how interesting it was, and mentioning specific numbers. The fact that they could remember the details showed how effective the presentation had been.

    Chris Richardson, Customer Marketing Manager, Gaymer Cider Company
  • The information is now represented in a way that is very clear. The design and animation really helps the audience understand the key messages

    Chris Richardson, Customer Marketing Manager, Gaymer Cider Company
  • The finished presentation looks much more impressive. m62 replaced the text with professional looking images that convey our message visually. Our presenters now find it much easier to get our point across clearly, and feel far more confident presenting with the knowledge that they have good slides behind them.

    Martin Hawkins, Executive Director, Sun Branding Solutions
  • Our capabilities can now clearly be seen in our presentations – we are very excited about the results

    Mari O’Leary, Managing Director, O’Leary PR
  • The presentation looks professional and of course “the proof of the pudding is in the eating” – just a day after completion of m62’s work we won a very large tender with our pitch! A huge thank you to m62 for creating a presentation that not only looks great, but gives us the confidence to win business.

    Stuart Shepherd, Sales Director, Dukes of London
  • The finished presentation was impressive and professional looking. m62 replaced the text with graphics, which really helped to emphasise our message. It really works well to present now. We have had nothing but positive feedback, and the presentation has helped us to win several bids.

    Joe McGuinness, Framework Financial
  • The training our global sales team received from m62 has transformed the way we communicate our value to clients. It’s the most important thing we’ve done this year in terms of making our sales people more effective in the field

    David Lilley, President, Innovex
  • Thank you for providing what we needed, which was to polish an existing presentation to a level of high-impact graphics and animations. Your team was able to keep to our concepts and existing messages while providing us a much better-looking way to tell our story

    Sela Missirian, Director of International Marketing, S1
  • m62′s ability to understand our thoughts, objectives, and strategy and transfer that into a fluid moving presentation has been invaluable in relaying high level strategy to potential clients. The results have been so impressive that any presentation they touch we like to say has been m62′d!

    Fergus Appleton, Contract Manager, Central Parking System
  • The whole process was quick and easy. We’ve gone from using bullet points to using graphics in many different ways, to illustrate our messages. It’s a nice feeling to get up to present with slides that are more professionally produced.

    Malcolm Smith, Burgis & Bullock
  • I was a bit dubious about replacing my text with images, but the graphics helped me with what to say, and I found that the presentation worked a lot better with less information on the slides

    Thomas Dickson, Essential Money
  • The resulting presentation was much more professional looking… and the audience loved it – feedback was one hundred percent positive.

    Thomas Dickson, Essential Money
  • The m62 consultancy process made us really think about how we pitched our product. Now we have a sales pitch, not just a hoard of information.

    Steve Wood, CEO, Informavores
  • The new presentation is far more visual with little or no words and is lots of fun to deliver. Thanks to m62 we now have a much more confident sales force as a result of the presentation

    Mike Hensman, Sales and Marketing Director, Visual Insight
  • Attend one of m62′s sessions and you’ll never think about presentations in the same way again.

    Terry Nicklin, Keynote PR. Chairman, CIM Cambridge
  • The business-to-business PowerPoint is the greatest I have ever seen or had the pleasure of presenting. I am definitely selling value, and changing perceptions, and most of my audiences have not seen anything like it.

    T Romp, Senior Sales Executive, leading US healthcare organisation
  • The presentation you produced for us is the best sales tool I have ever been given in my fourteen years here.

    J.E. Casillas, Sr. Sales Executive, leading US healthcare organisation
  • The m62 seminar was by far the most challenging sales presentation training I have undertaken in my nearly 20 years in sales and marketing, but it was also the most rewarding.

    J.E. Casillas, Sr. Sales Executive, leading US healthcare organisation
  • m62 has been able to quickly interpret our proposition, understand, and articulate our values in a way we had not considered previously. The end result is not just a presentation: it’s a new approach, a new methodology and a new belief. We can now truly demonstrate the benefits of our service and our key differentiators.

    Gary Boyes, Sales Director, NorthgateArinso
  • Since receiving the new presentation I have presented 3 times on very large contracts and won each one … Each time I present I feel like a god and know I’m going to blow the competition away!

    Mark Wallace, Senior Operating Executive, Kingdom Security Ltd
  • The presentation is effective in both face-to-face situations and via a web-conference … The decision to engage m62 took us to a new level of presentation quality and proved excellent value for money.

    Joe Critchley, Vice President of Sales, Trade Extensions
  • Thank you for a very well produced presentation, the content fits well to our core business. You also managed to deliver this project against a tough deadline … we look forward to working with you again.

    Lisa Gunnarsson, SHL Group
  • These guys know more about PowerPoint presentations than anybody else on the face of the planet.

    VP Global Marketing, Symantec
  • I was impressed by how quickly you turned mine, and my colleagues’, fairly mundane slide shows into exciting and motivating presentations. I also appreciate the coaching that you gave to one of the team who was quite nervous. You did a great job. Thank you.

    Chris Tobin, MD EMEA, Bayer
  • The Thought Leaders in PowerPoint

    John Timperley, Marketing Director - Price Waterhouse Coopers
  • Thanks for all you and your team at m62 did for us. We could not have won this without your input.

    Douglas Ritchie, Serco
  • This (training) exceeded all my expectations in terms of real life examples. I have been on many presentation courses before, but none were as useful as this in terms of genuine practical advice on winning business.

    Roger Thomas, VP Sales & Marketing, AIG
  • The slides were awesome and I can’t thank you and your team enough.

    Jeff LeRoy, External Relations Manager, P&G

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