Effective Conference Presentations

Tuesday, August 18th, 2009 0 comments

effective-conferencesWhat if at the end of the conference all they talked about were the issues raised in your presentation?

  • Not the food
  • Not the facilities
  • Not the accommodation
  • Nor the entertainment!

All too often the purpose of the conference gets lost in mediocre presentation performances. Inconsistent messages, inconsistent ideas and inconsistent communication styles.

m62 has organized and run sales conferences, product launches, public sector events, management conferences, and industry Meetings. All with one thing in common – great content.

We call the service m62 DX and it’s all about the Delegate Experience. Coordinating the content, the presentation style, and organising the event to maximise the impact on the delegate. By making sure your presentations are fantastic you ensure the delegates’ experience is.

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