Effective Sales Presentations

Tuesday, August 18th, 2009 0 comments

effective-sales-presentationsWhat would happen if your presentation was more effective than your competition’s?

  • More Sales
  • Greater Margin
  • Less time and effort

That’s what m62’s clients experience with an m62 sales presentation. If your presentation is more impressive, more engaging and more memorable it will be more effective – and in sales, that means more money.

For 12 years m62 has been helping clients on both specific bid presentations (such as the worlds largest PFI bid in Singapore) and generic pitch presentations (like this corporate overview), and we have developed a range of solutions for salespeople:

  • m62 Ls is a short 15-20 minute presentation ideal for a first call or corporate overview.
  • m62 Is is an interactive sales tool designed to facilitate solution or consultative sales.
  • m62 STAT is our major pitch service that significantly improves your chances of winning the contract.
  • m62 Fx is a comprehensive library of slides built and managed by m62, designed to allow your customer facing staff to assemble a bespoke presentation quickly and effectively.

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The Ultimate Guide to Sales Presentations