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About Cambridge University Hospital Foundation Trust

Cambridge University Hospitals is one of the country’s leading NHS Foundation Trusts. A provider of local services, a centre for specialist care and a world-class teaching hospital, the Trust is rated by the Healthcare Commission for providing excellent quality of services and excellent use of resources, and as ‘best performing’ for maternity services.

One of only five comprehensive biomedical research centres and Academic Health Science Centres in the UK, world-class research is undertaken in partnership with the University of Cambridge and the Medical Research Council, driving the University Hospital’s vision of becoming the best medical research campus in Europe.

As part of their sales and marketing strategy moving forward, a significant proportion of Cambridge University Hospital Foundation Trust’s revenue is to be generated by providing an outsourcing function for other hospitals and healthcare organisations, through services such as research and testing.


Cambridge University Hospitals Foundation Trust approached m62 visualcommunications to specifically assist with the creation of  presentations  that outline the Trust capabilities in healthcare extension into primary and secondary care settings .

The proposals needed to conform to a highly specific format and timeline, whilst also conveying  the benefits of the Cambridge University Hospitals Foundation Trust.

Prior to engaging m62, the standard approach to such opportunities would have been to deliver a tailored, line-by-line response, along with a generic overview document regarding the Trust’s background and service offerings.

In commissioning m62 to assist with these opportunities, the objectives were to integrate a  specific response with the Trust’s commercial messages, ensuring a high degree of relevance to dramatically increase the chances of successful outcomes.


The Trust needed to ensure that the approaches were not only clear and relevant but that they could be tailored to meet the potential customer’s requirements.

The Trust was uncertain of the correct approach to take in order to meet these requirements, in terms of either structure or content, despite its ability to fulfil the opportunities with a world class offering.


The Trust commissioned m62 to provide detailed consultancy in order to distil the organisations’ value proposition and also to determine the most effective structure to use in response to these opportunities. m62 devised an innovative approach that enabled the Trust to convey its key benefits whilst adhering rigidly to a required format.

Specifically, through identifying the five core elements of the Trust’s value proposition, these are introduced at the presentation’s outset and, thereafter, reintroduced in sequence as appropriate. For a specific bid presentation only the parts of the value proposition relevant to the specific agenda point being discussed are highlighted.

This approach continually reinforced both the Trust’s value proposition whilst displaying a tailored approach and detailed understanding of the benefits to the specific prospect.

Having refined Cambridge University Hospitals Foundation Trust’s value proposition and facilitated the integration of this within a tailored response, the m62 team then undertook training sessions with the presenters to ensure each member of the team was given the opportunity to practise delivering the presentation and to re-evaluate their presentation technique. In doing so, m62 ensured continuity of delivery across the team in terms of delivery and message content and also prepared the team to effectively maximise question and answer opportunities arising from presentations


From first contact to the final piece of presentation training, the entire process took just six days and transformed the way that the Trust approached and delivered future presentations. The newly created presentations have an excellent effect on audiences, generating a more positive reaction from individuals who are now well-engaged with the information being delivered.

The Trust’s team now delivers highly structured presentations which can be tailored to answer specific project briefs whilst effectively conveying the organisation’s unique selling points. This new streamlined approach has instilled confidence in those delivering the presentation resulting in higher conversion rates and additional cross-selling opportunities.

Colin Carr, Associate Director of Operations – Investigative Sciences’ at Cambridge University Hospitals Foundation Trust, commented

“I have never felt so confident giving a presentation – the coaching and rehearsing sessions we received were brilliant; it has completely changed the way that we, as a team, approach presentations. The graphics on-screen and the way that the team deliver presentations works extremely well – and the way that our speakers now command the room is outstanding.”

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