Client Spotlight: Airedale

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About the company

Airedale designs and manufactures a range of air conditioning products for global companies. This range includes chillers, close control and comfort products. Airedale strives towards innovative product development, specialising in adapting products to meet the demands of a wide range of market and customer needs.

Airedale focuses in particular on energy efficiency, concentrating on issues such as carbon reduction technology and leak detection. One of the methods Airedale implements is free cooling, something which remains a relatively new and misunderstood concept.


The presentation Airedale approached m62 for help with was to be used at a conference, which would present a big opportunity for Airedale. The presentation was designed both to be informative and to express to the audience the economic benefits of implementing free cooling, and of working with Airedale.

The presentation also needed to function as a sales presentation that would raise the company profile and brand. After the conference, the presentation was to be used as a sales tool.

Airedale had already engaged in conversations with m62 on more than one occasion, and chose to work with them to produce the presentation for the conference.

Fin Farrelly, Marketing Manager of Airedale, commented:

“PowerPoint is an important issue in any business. We wanted to improve our presentations and knew that working with m62 was the way to do it. We had an impending conference and wanted a presentation that would really make an impact. We were not making any progress working on the presentation internally, so we spoke to m62 about producing a professional presentation.

“m62 was the only agency in the market that would analyse our information with fresh eyes and look at our presentation from a psychological perspective. There are other agencies out there, but no one else who really strives to make presentations truly more effective, and not just prettier.”


The presentation, a significant opportunity for Airedale, was to provide a broad perspective of free cooling for an audience unfamiliar with the concept. Consequently, several departments and disciplines within the business provided input, meaning that a variety of differing ideas were put forward. This provided some disparity as to what the main focus of the presentation should be, and what the audience should come away thinking.

The audience would consist of potential clients who differed greatly from Airedale’s usual clients. This meant that Airedale would have to readjust its usual manner of presenting, and consider what the fresh audience needed to hear.

Free cooling is a complex process, with many different aspects to it. Airedale had to find the right balance between detail and scientific understanding, and simplicity for an audience with no prior knowledge. Airedale had no wish to leave out essential scientific points, but wanted to make things easier to understand for the audience members who wouldn’t have had previous experience of the concept.


m62′s messaging consultancy brought an outsider’s perspective to the brainstorming process. Having input from someone who had no industry knowledge or preconceptions helped Airedale to establish the level of detail required. m62′s consultancy team brought objectivity and an understanding of audience behaviour to the decision making, which made determining key points easier.

After deciding upon the key messages that were to be delivered, m62 helped Airedale to express these ideas in a way that was easy for the audience to grasp. m62 broke the complex data down and presented it in manageable graphs, which built to allow the audience to absorb one point before moving on to the next. The process of free cooling was explained using simple diagrams that animated to express the way that the systems worked.


The presentation allowed Airedale to communicate its topic manner in an authoritative and interesting way at the conference. Airedale was able to provide its audiences with more insight into both the concept of free cooling, and its economic benefits.

Airedale obtained several leads as a result of the conference, some of which have already converted. Other prospects have expressed an interest, and remain in contact with Airedale.

Fin Farrelly, Marketing Manager of Airedale, commented:

“We would definitely work with m62 again – you took a complex subject and quickly got your heads around it to produce a professional, slick presentation. m62 performed to all expectations and did so within a short space of time. We’re very happy with our success rate from the conference, and it seems fair to say that the presentation was a core influence in that.”

“The open62 training course as well was excellent. It was good to see the science behind presenting explained – it actually made a lot of sense. Presenters don’t really give thought to these things on a daily basis, but they can have a huge impact. The course highlighted this, and I definitely have a better understanding of presenting now.”

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