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thumb-calltracksAbout the Company

Founded in 2004, Calltracks is a comprehensive and easy-to-use web based system that enables businesses to take better control of their sales and marketing activities by seeing the complete picture. Calltracks improves the return from sales and marketing by tracking, recording and analysing in and outbound calls.

By monitoring and measuring every step of the sales process, Calltracks enables clients to understand the real return on investment from each media channel; to monitor how effectively calls are being handled; and to learn which keywords bring the most visitors to your site.

Calltracks is now the sales management software of choice for organisations including Lookers plc, Renault Retail Group, and Drive Vauxhall, and operates across a wide spectrum of industries including car and motorhome sales, online retailers, advertising agencies and financial companies.


Calltracks wanted a corporate sales presentation that could be delivered to new customers to gain their interest and speed up the sales process. In order to do so, Calltracks really wanted to make sure that their presentation made them stand out and get the edge on the competition.

Calltracks’ typical audience members are sales directors and managers, so it was important that the presentation would appeal to them on a higher level.

Calltracks needed an engaging presentation, as its pitches typically included a lot of information for the audience to take in. The presentation would have to get the information across clearly and succinctly, whilst retaining the audience’s attention.

Stuart Buckley, CEO and Founding Partner of Calltracks, commented:

We really wanted to stand out from the crowd with our presentation, and in my searching for a solution I came across I watched a couple of videos, and immediately realised that this was the solution we were looking for. Not only were the presentations far better than anything I’d seen, but the messaging was spot on – and shortening our sales cycle and making the whole process more profitable was at the front of my concerns.


As Calltracks touches on three areas that are incredibly important to its prospects – CRM, website, and phone system – it often found that prospects were very quick to launch into questions about the details, and consequently that they were given so much information that it was impossible for them to retain it all.


m62 produced a corporate sales presentation for Calltracks, taking the organisation through its full recall process from messaging to visualisation to design.

m62 used psychological knowledge to structure the presentation in a way that ensured the audience would be focused on the important points. Diagrams and images were also used to make the presentation more visual and engaging. Finally, m62′s experienced design team produced an impressive presentation with expert design to really make Calltracks stand out.

Two members of the Calltracks team also went through the Killer Presentations skills training, enabling them to deliver the presentation with maximum effectiveness.

Stuart Buckley commented:

It became apparent very quickly that it was really important to understand the theory behind presenting, and to really get those skills across. The training really helped us understand why things are done in a certain way. We definitely saw a huge benefit in it – it totally changed the way we present. In fact, every new salesperson that we get on board will now be sent on the m62 Killer Presentations training course.

We delivered the presentation to our majority shareholders today, and they were speechless, blown away. It’s almost unheard of, isn’t it – a presentation that’s actually interesting? We really stand out now – which is what we set out to do. The internal reaction has been great, and we can’t wait to roll it out externally next week. We’re definitely expecting good things.


Calltracks now has an engaging, effective presentation that explains how it can help clients in a clear and interesting way, and its sales team now takes a completely new approach to presenting.

Stuart Buckley commented:

m62 are simply PowerPoint gurus. They made our message so, so simple and straightforward and just brought it to life. Now I’ve done the training course, I look at our past presentations and cringe – I’m a convert, definitely.

m62 were easy and simple to deal with, very friendly, and kept us informed all the way through. The whole process was really slick and absolutely great. I’m a very happy customer! m62 are just excellent. Five star – can’t be beaten. The service, the product, the knowledge – excellent to all of the above!

Sam Rose, Head of Sales at Calltracks, had the following to say on the m62 Killer Presentations training course:

Having been in sales for many years, I have attended various courses and have always enjoyed training. However, not often do you see a completely fresh, unique approach. I found the Killer Presentation course inspiring. The trainers were credible, motivating and engaging and delivered the course at a lively pace. It was totally fascinating to hear the psychological reasons behind why we do what we do, in terms of absorbing information and through these facts being demonstrated in subtle and clever ways throughout. One could clearly relate, in terms of how our potential buyers receive and retain our tired methods of presenting.

I found these two days really valuable on several levels. This will clearly benefit me when in front of buyers to get my message across. The presentations created by m62 are unique, slick and memorable, and 4D presenting looks amazing; leagues above the boring bullet point presentations that we were using. I can’t wait to get out there and deliver my pitch now.


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