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choice-business-servicesAbout the Company

Choice Business Services (CBS) improves performances of large and small companies through offering 3 key services: lead generation; obtaining accreditations and certifications to ISO level; and sickness absence management. These services are all measureable and have positive bottom line impact.

In terms of sickness absence, the service is called vocational rehabilitation (VR) and involves working with the medical, Legal and Human resources professions to reduce work place absenteeism. CBS provide solutions for employers to enable staff to stay at, return to and remain in work, by designing, implementing and coordinating both suitable adjustments to job roles and return to work plans.


CBS wanted to publicise vocational rehabilitation, which as a profession is well established in the USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia, and ensure that employers in the UK – the majority of whom would be unfamiliar with VR – bought into the concept and its very commercial benefits.

CBS also wanted to stress the different approaches and subject matter between VR and traditional occupational health. Sometimes getting this message across in short time spans to busy people had proved difficult.

Jeremy Vaughan, co founder of CBS commented:

I became aware of m62 a couple of years ago when I was working with a national building contractor. I had met an m62 representative and gone through a couple of live presentations with him. I was really impressed with what m62 could do with PowerPoint.

We wanted to improve upon the bullet presentation we’d put together ourselves in order that employment law solicitors, GPs and Human Resource managers would be able to look at our presentation and clearly take on board our message, and then appoint us to help with their staff absence issues. Ultimately, we really wanted to make an impact on professionals who have seen many presentations before so we needed an edge: something outstanding, but credible and not a gimmick.


Some audiences had preconceptions of what the VR service was, and it was important that CBS clearly demonstrated a new, yet research based approach to absence related matters and that VR could solve problems for them and reduce sickness absence in their respective work places.

Sickness absence can be quite complex and not always that riveting as a presentation topic, so the real challenge was to have a presentation that gained and retained attention, and was memorable.


bio-psychosocial-modelCBS benefitted from m62′s impress service, which re-works a PowerPoint design to ensure that the presentation really stands out, and urges audience members to take notice.

m62 reworked the layout of the slide to make the message clearly visible, and removed extraneous information and bullet points from the slide. m62 then added images and diagrams that demonstrated the message clearly, in a visual manner. m62 also added subtle animations, to improve the information flow on the slides.

Finally, m62 ensured that the slides were compliant with its Objective Quality Standards concerning presentation design, using a custom template to give each slide a professional, branded touch.


vocational-rehabilitationThe removal of text enabled the presentation to be concise, ensuring that the concept could be explained in a simple way. The impressive, branded design meant that both the presentation and the presenter looked professional, ensuring that their new service was received well by audiences.

Jeremy Vaughan, co founder of Choice Business Services commented:

The use of images and even just the structure of the presentation are infinitely better than using a number of slides with text on them. Everyone has seen the latter before – it’s just run of the mill. m62 has really given us a cutting edge. The presentation is attention-grabbing: very clear, systematic, and explanatory. It tells people what we do, and how it can help them – which is the ultimate aim.

The m62 process itself and the whole service have been excellent. We feel certain it will prove value for money, which is crucial to most SMEs. m62′s expertise in PowerPoint, and the presentation they have created for us, will enhance our credibility amongst the medical and legal professions and our wider audiences.

Finally and quite ironically, Sue Rowlands, co founder of CBS, said,

The new presentation is an exciting adjustment to my working life which is one of the key factors in vocational rehabilitation. I am pretty confident as a rule but now feel reassured when delivering presentations to professional audiences and I’m certain it will continue to improve my ability as a presenter. Giving any employee more confidence, especially after being off through illness, along with suitable adjustments to their job which don’t need to cost the earth is the very core of vocational rehabilitation.

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