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Client-Spotlight-Concept-GroupAbout the Company

Concept Group is an established, innovative Digital Document Solutions Company, with a network of offices throughout the UK. Its experience, knowledge and expertise throughout the Company enable Concept Group to provide clients with the best possible solutions, backed up by first-class support.

Founded in 1984 and headquartered in Livingston, Scotland, Concept Group provides document imaging solutions and technical service to more than 3,000 customers from Aberdeen to London. Concept Group provides everything its clients need to print, share or store any documents, supplying multi-functional printers, copiers, faxes, scanners, document management software, servers and IT solutions.

Concept Group firmly believes in focusing on its client’s changing needs, and always using the latest generation technology.

Concept Group was recently acquired by Xerox, but will continue to operate under the same name, and with the same operating structure and management team.


Concept Group had been invited to bid for an opportunity, after submitting a successful proposal document. The tender went out to six companies in total, and Concept Group wanted to make sure that it had done everything it could to beat the competition.

Concept Group had produced a presentation for the opportunity, but it was sixty or seventy slides long and did not contain visualisation or enhanced design. Concept Group needed a presentation that would really give them the edge in this opportunity.

Stuart Miller, Head of Managed Print Services at Concept Group, commented:

We approached m62 through recommendation from Canon. When our m62 representative delivered his presentation for us, it really blew us away – it was like a light bulb going on in our minds. All we could think was: ‘How slick, professional and thought-provoking is this?’ We realised immediately that our presentation skills and material were very outdated, and it was time to make a change.


Concept Group and m62 were working to a very tight deadline. With only a limited timeframe from the invitation to tender and the actual bid, it was very important that the presentation and coaching were delivered as quickly as possible, to enable presenters to practise.

The five companies that Concept Group was bidding against for the tender were current providers for the prospect. Concept Group was the only organisation that wasn’t an incumbent, which meant that it was competing against organisations that had already proved themselves to the decision makers.

Concept Group was bidding against some of the industry heavyweights. Some of these were manufacturers far larger than Concept Group, which gave them the advantage when it came to resources.

Stuart Miller, Head of Managed Print Services at Concept Group, commented:

Going into the bid we were realistic; we knew Concept Group wasn’t a current supplier, so when we were down to even just the last three we were delighted. We didn’t really know what to expect, but the outcome for us was just sensational.


m62 conducted detailed messaging consultancy with Concept Group, which enabled presenters to identify the key selling points they had to offer, and to focus on the most important of these. This meant that the audience was not overwhelmed by the information delivered, and really remembered the presentation’s key messages.

Content was visualised so that it was delivered in a more engaging way, which kept the audience’s attention. Design was introduced in accordance with brand guidelines, in order to create a professional, impressive look and feel to the bid.

m62 also cut the presentation down to only twenty minutes, in order to better suit the audience’s attention span. This meant that the audience were engaged throughout the presentation and did not miss anything important. This proved a particular advantage against the hour-long presentations of the competition.

Finally, the Concept Group team received on-site presentation skills coaching from m62, which taught them how to really engage with the audience and deliver the content in a memorable way.

Stuart Miller, Head of Managed Print Services at Concept Group, commented:

The key thing about the presentation itself was the ability m62 had to make us stand out. We had a really first-class presentation that promoted excellent technique, and the end result was a fantastic presentation.


Concept Group was successful with the tender, and went on to beat the five incumbent competitors to the opportunity.

Stuart Miller, Head of Managed Print Services at Concept Group, commented:

Given that all of our competitors were existing providers for the company whose business we were bidding for, it’s pretty powerful that we then went on to win the bid. m62′s contribution was hugely significant to our win. Our message came across much, much clearer than it did for the other companies. Our twenty-minute presentation blew them away – it was innovative and we had their attention throughout. Six months later, audience members can still recall elements of that presentation specifically!

We were working to a very tight deadline, but m62 delivered and were a pleasure to work with. What we noticed above all else was the quality of m62 staff. Everyone we worked with, from consultancy to design, was extremely professional and bright, and grasped the concept of what we were trying to do very quickly. There’s nothing more frustrating than having a clear grasp of your own concepts when other people don’t – but that definitely was not the case with m62.

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