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Essential Money SpotlightAbout the Client

Thomas Dickson founded Essential Money Limited in August 2007 to provide Independent Financial Advice for dentists nationwide. He has been awarded the Advanced Financial Planning Certificate by the Chartered Insurance Institute and qualified as a Certified Financial PlannerCM in 2006. Essential Money is now one of the leading IFAs for dentists. It works throughout the whole of the UK, providing a comprehensive financial planning service for dentists nationwide.

Thomas has presented financial planning seminars to many groups within dentistry, including Women in Dentistry, both undergraduate and postgraduate schools, and the Armed Forces. He writes regularly for the leading dental publications and is a member of the Association of Specialist Providers to Dentists (ASPD).

Thomas was invited to speak at the Inspire Users Group Annual Conference 2009, on organising successful seminars for prospects. This was an independent event organised by financial planners for financial planners, the purpose of which was to motivate and educate the conference attendees.


Thomas was invited by the Inspire Users Group to deliver a presentation on organising successful seminars. His aim was to show how to maximise seminar effectiveness to gain credibility, authority and more business for a company. The object of the presentation was to demonstrate how arranging seminars for clients can improve relationships with existing clients, and create relationships with new ones.

Thomas’ target was to motivate the Independent Financial Advisors to consider organising their own successful seminars. As an IFA, Thomas aimed to show that if he could do it, anyone could. Thomas set out to recall his own experience of organising seminars, and what he’d learnt from these experiences. He intended to demonstrate the mistakes he’d made in the past, how to avoid them, and what to do instead.


As the presentation specification was to show the audience best practice in delivering a presentation or seminar, Thomas could afford no imperfections in either slides or patter. It would have been self-defeating to explain the negative effects of too many bullet points and over-complicated graphs by using bullet points and complicated graphs. If his presentation was to succeed, it had to be impressive and professional.

The original presentation contained very basic slides with mostly bullet-point text, images used primarily as decoration, and very little animation. This needed to be improved if Thomas was to demonstrate to his audience what an impressive presentation should look like.

As an educational presentation, it was also important that the messages in the presentation were clearly represented.


m62’s impress service offers professional presentation design at affordable prices. Presentation design consultancy takes place remotely, in this case lasting under an hour. In this consultation the presentation objectives were established and summarised, before a better way of presenting each slide visually was decided upon. The slides were discussed one at a time and both the client and m62 design consultant agreed on each change made.

Slides containing a lot of information were broken down into more manageable chunks, and an animation build was used to control the speed at which the audience received information on particularly complex slides.

The overall layout of the slides was changed to make the look and feel of the presentation consistent. Design elements and icons were created and animated in place of bullet-point text, thus improving slide design. Better quality images were sourced, and animation and design were polished.


The redesigned presentation looked impressive and professional – helping Thomas to convey the right impression to an important audience.

The design changes m62 made helped simplify the information and made it easier for the presenter to both deliver the presentation and control its pace. This made it simpler for the audience to follow, particularly when complex information was broken down and built gradually. m62 designed the presentation making extensive use of native PowerPoint features, making it easy for edits to be made in the future.

After delivering the presentation, Thomas commented:

“The resulting presentation was much more professional looking. I was a bit dubious about replacing my text with images, but the graphics helped me with what to say, and I found that the presentation worked a lot better with less information on the slides. I felt I could be myself more, and the audience loved it – feedback was one hundred percent positive.”

Paul Armson of Prestwood Software, an audience member, commented:

“The presentation was slick and polished – it really looked professional. The slides demonstrated the message, making it clear and easy to understand; particularly the complicated graph, which was broken down into simple steps. Much nicer to watch than slide after slide of bullet points! It really did look great.”

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