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hp-client-spotlightAbout the Company

Hewlett-Packard is a technology company that operates in more than 170 countries around the world. HP provides technology and services for people, businesses, governments and societies, to help improve the way its customers live and work. Its offerings range from printing and personal computing, to full ICT services. HP has its own labs, where it conducts research to enable it to provide truly innovative solutions.

The venture HP was pitching for was a partnership between the industry and the higher education sector. HP was pitching to develop a groundbreaking collaboration with UWE, designed to benefit both parties, as well as the numerous students on computing courses at the university.

The strategic partnership was to involve student placements and graduate programs, as well as sponsorship and relevant academic prizes. Researchers from HP labs would participate in university teaching, and would help students by ensuring that when they graduated, they would not only have a degree, but would also have professionally recognised qualifications earned in their time working with HP.


HP wanted to secure a contract as Strategic ICT Partner for a 5-year period. There were a number of steps to the bid, of which the presentation was the final stage. The presentation was to audience members at a number of different levels within the university, from the ICT faculty and Facilities Director, to the Senior Management Team and the Board of Governors.

HP required a convincing value proposition that would clearly persuade the audience of the benefits to UWE of the partnership, and demonstrate how it would work to transform UWE’s ICT environment to enable business outcomes. HP also needed to ensure that the presentation was not too technological – especially as the audience were at different levels in their understanding of ICT.

Brian Fenix, Client Principal for Unified Communications and Collaboration at HP, commented:

“I had used m62 for a previous project when we were bidding on a major opportunity. m62 made a significant difference to our proposal on that deal, and were instrumental in helping us secure a £20 million opportunity for HP. I absolutely wanted to repeat what had made us successful on the previous engagement, and m62 was a core part of that success.”


Enthusiastic technology companies often fall into the trap of talking about the technology that would provide the solution, rather than the solution itself. HP wanted to clearly communicate a proposition that focused around the outcomes it could enable from a business perspective.

The audience were varied, particularly in terms of their technological knowledge. It was important to deliver the presentation on a level that would be engaging and accessible to all audience members.

The bid was a large opportunity for HP, and it was important that the presenters conveyed the message effectively in order to successfully persuade the key decision makers of the benefits of the partnership.


m62 explored the arguments and information HP wanted to get across in the presentation, and tailored and structured the message for maximum effectiveness in this particular setting. This was then used to create a visual storyboard, producing a presentation that was clear and memorable, and really focused upon getting the key messages across to the audience.

The slides produced were visual and engaging, enabling presenters to clearly demonstrate to the audience how the partnership would benefit the University, and how the collaboration would work.

m62 also provided coaching and training for presenters in terms of how to best deliver the content to ensure that it was persuasive and memorable.

Brain Fenix said of the presentation slides:

“What’s interesting is that staff within the university are now using a lot of the slides m62 produced in their internal communications to wider audiences. This is a real advantage that we received from m62: we didn’t just get the initial impact, but we also got collateral material we could reuse in multiple other scenarios, which means a greater awareness of the partnership.”


HP presentations were confident in their ability to deliver the message clearly and persuasively, and had an engaging and visual presentation that was fully designed for maximum effectiveness.

The presentation bid was successful, and HP secured the contract with UWE.

Brian Fenix also commented:

“m62 were very flexible, and crucially able to work with us to keep key deadlines. m62 employees were extremely responsive, and really got what it is that we were seeking to do in terms of the messaging. They clearly understood our business, and understand the holes we, and other technical companies, typically fall into.

“We were successful in winning the bid, and the involvement of m62 was one of the key success factors. Whenever I look at doing major pitches for large pieces of business in the future, investment in m62 services will be a no-brainer. Value added to the pitch is absolutely tangible. For me it should be a core part of our approach for any significant opportunity.”

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