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idis-thumbAbout the Company

Idis is a global organisation, with headquarters in the UK. Idis partners with pharmaceutical and biotech companies, connecting them with pharmacists and physicians, to help patients with unmet medical needs around the world.

Idis creates tailored and innovative strategies to help create access to the right drugs for the right people at the right time. This is done by developing, implementing and managing solutions that meet the unmet medical needs of patients. These solutions help healthcare professionals and patients access potentially life-saving drugs.

Idis partners with pharmaceutical and biotech companies to help them plan early access management strategies, enabling them to ensure that patients’ medical needs are met prior to commercial launch of a drug and beyond.


Idis wanted multiple presentations, all with slightly different objectives. As a whole, Idis wanted a set of presentations for partnership meetings that really reflected what the organisation was about, and expressed its values.

Each presentation was to be part credentials, explaining what Idis do and how they do it, and part demonstrating the benefits of partnering with Idis. Idis wanted to explain its core values, and the strategies it implemented to help pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies achieve their goals. Some of this explanation would require an educational element, which would have to be very clear and concise.

Idis is an innovator and wanted a presentation that would reflect this. It was also important to Idis to have a presentation that sat well with its core values.

Angela Norton, Project Manager at Idis, commented:

We had tried several times in different ways to create a presentation that had real impact but felt that it was still lacking something. We decided that we needed the services of a professional presentation company to help us to find a way to give our presentations that extra something that was missing. m62 was the best of all the companies we looked at because there’s a great deal of intelligence behind the presentation theory, and it seemed to make absolute sense – both in terms of theory, and in what we were trying to achieve.

What we liked was the m62 approach in terms of working with its clients to develop key messages and then progressing to the storyboard and design stages. It was clear that message was the most important element in the presentation, and the design element was created to support this.  All visuals and images used would be aligned with the brand, ensuring consistency of messaging.  Many presentation companies seemed to place too much emphasis on design, and not on the key messages and how best to communicate those.


As Idis presenters would be speaking to a sophisticated and educated audience, it was important that audience members were addressed in the appropriate manner. They would have significant scientific understanding of the subject, but not necessarily of Idis’ manner of working.

It was also important that the benefits and credentials of the company were communicated effectively to the audience. Idis really wanted audiences to understand why companies choose to partner with the organisation.


m62 put Idis’ presentations through the recall stages, beginning with messaging consultancy. This ensured that the message was most important to the entire presentation, and that the focus was on this rather than just design.

The design was undertaken later in the production process, to ensure that every design element not only looked good, but supported the message and emphasised the most important points. Following the step-by-step m62 process ensured that every aspect of the presentation was tailored to the message.


Idis now has a collection of presentations that depict its core values, along with its credentials and the benefits of working with the organisation, for a range of different audiences and for a range of different purposes. The presentations deliver their message in an effective way, with impressive design that is aligned with the Idis’ brand.


Angela Norton, Project Manager at Idis, commented:

Our experience  of working with m62 was very good. We had an excellent Project Manager, and from beginning to end m62 were very helpful and committed to ensuring that we got the outcome we needed. We’re very happy with the service we’ve received. We had some fantastic training sessions, and there’s a sense of real momentum and positivity around these presentations. I think that what we have achieved is a sea change in our attitude to presenting – which is a very positive thing.

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