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mercer-client-spotlightAbout the Company

Mercer is a leading global provider of consulting, outsourcing and investment services, with more than 25,000 clients worldwide. Mercer consultants help clients design and manage health, retirement and other benefits and optimize human capital. The firm also provides customized administration, technology and total benefit outsourcing solutions. Mercer’s investment services include global leadership in investment consulting and multimanager investment management.

Mercer’s global network of more than 20,000 employees, based in over 40 countries, helps ensure integrated, worldwide solutions. Our consultants work with clients to develop solutions that address global and country-specific challenges and opportunities. Mercer is experienced in assisting both major and growing, midsize companies.


Mercer was planning a kick-off conference in Washington, DC for 100 of the organisation’s most senior consultants from around the world. The focus was to roll out Mercer’s new product offerings in the area of Talent Management.

The aim of the conference was for attendees to fully understand the new product offerings and the messaging behind them – and to be excited about the new developments.

Debra Joseph, Principal & Project Manager at Mercer, commented:

I initially decided to engage with m62 after I attended an m62 presentation training course. Through the observations of what m62 did with our global sales team, it became clear that we needed to create some of the same skills and messaging platforms for our conference. It was as a result of this that I requested that m62 conduct the messaging for our global relationship managers in terms of our new product offerings.


Mercer’s biggest challenge was that it had a good product, but the Value Proposition was not coming across powerfully, and there was no consistency across the product range.

Mercer was launching a whole new suite of products in the Talent Management area, and really needed clarity in terms of how it was going to position the Value Proposition and Mercer’s capabilities.

As with any conference, it was also important to Mercer that the presentations delivered were engaging, and would inform and excite audience members throughout the conference.

The date of the conference meant that there was an extremely limited timeframe for the project, requiring 10 PowerPoint presentations to be produced, from messaging right through to design, in just five weeks.


m62 engaged with Mercer for a period of 4-5 weeks, working closely with the global consultancy team to understand Mercer’s products and content, and to reposition that content through a compelling Value Proposition.

m62 then used this messaging to produce a suite of presentations for the Talent Management conference for 10 presenters, in time for the pressing deadline. The presentation suite also included a self-running video to play at the start of the conference, designed to inspire and excite attendees, and one at the end to deliver a passionate close to the conference.

As this was the first time Mercer’s presenters would be delivering an m62 presentation, m62 provided detailed support documents, including explanations of the icons used, and tips on how to deliver the presentations. Each presenter was given online coaching on how to deliver their presentations and the presentation team were brought together the day before the conference to practice and rehearse with each other, allowing each presentation to link seamlessly and provide a consistent message to the audience during the entire event.


The conference was a huge success, and feedback was extremely positive. The presentations themselves were so successful that they are now being adapted to be used as sales presentations out in the field.

Debra Joseph, Principal Project Manager at Mercer, commented:

m62 were fabulous. The whole process was seamless, and we were really amazed at how quickly m62 were able to truly get our content. The m62 team really, really earned the respect of our consultants. The conference was definitely a success. The overall feedback was that it was fantastic, and we feel that this was primarily due to the involvement and direction of m62.

Jason Jeffay, Partner and Talent Management Lead at Mercer commented:

In addition to the messaging, m62 created a set of PowerPoint presentations and related company videos that were better than and different from anything my team have ever used before. We’ve just completed a project with m62 to take the training material and create a consistent selling toolkit, which is being distributed globally using an on-demand presentation platform offered by m62. We expect a lot of activity and an increase in sales when we get those decks in the hands of our consultants, and I’m looking forward to seeing the results.

The evaluation scores of the conference were extremely positive. Here is a sample of the feedback received:


List the three training modules or topics that you believe will be the most useful to you:


All of them

Every single thing

Overall, do you believe this training will be beneficial to you in the work that you perform? Why or why not?


So relieved to have common methodology

Yes, consistent presentation style and messaging helps understand and promote the offering

Yes, quick start tools and powerful new lessons learned in messaging

Yes, very beneficial -> consistent, robust messaging and methodologies

General comments:

Excellent that we had external experts speak and facilitate.

Fantastic program!!!

Great conference – thank you for making the investment!

Thank you very much – this was a huge effort and investment and so worth it.

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