Client Spotlight: Police Mutual

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About the Company

Police Mutual provide financial services and financial education for those who work within the police family. Police Mutual offers a variety of services, from financial planning courses, to insurance and investments, to pensions and mortgages.

Founded in 1922, Police Mutual is now one of the biggest affinity friendly societies in the UK, with over 210,000 members nationwide. Police Mutual places the profits it makes back into reducing what its clients pay.


Police Mutual holds a conference each year for its volunteer network of police service employees. The conference is attended by representatives from forces across the UK. Each representative is a serving or retiring police officer, or a member of police staff.

The aim of the conference this year was for the presenters to share the Society’s strategy and plans. Police Mutual also wanted to motivate its audience to continue to provide their support as volunteers.


The conference presented Police Mutual with its only opportunity for the year to really engage with its representatives, and to excite them about the plans for the future. The organisers were also keen to inspire the audience to become involved in the planning, and so wanted to use the conference as an opportunity for the attendees to have an input.

As the presenters would be discussing complex subject matter such as investment strategy and financial products and services, the topics involved could be quite dry and technical. This would make it difficult for audiences to stay engaged, especially for a whole day. Not only this, but some of the audience would have only a general understanding of the services, so there was pressure on Police Mutual to convey technical information to a non-financial audience. The conference therefore was also to function as an education process – a way for the audience to achieve that understanding.

Whilst the primary objective of the presenters was to get these messages across, the secondary objective was to build credibility in the new executive team. Police Mutual wanted to reassure its audience about the Society’s future, and wished to do so by demonstrating that it was a credible and professional organisation.

Juliet Glendinning, Communications Consultant at Police Mutual, commented:

I put together messaging and communications for the conference, but I didn’t have the skills to really bring the presentations to life – we needed to make them exciting, and reinforce the brand. I found m62 via the website and ordered Nicholas Oulton’s book, Killer Presentations, from which I learnt the basic principles of visualisation. I then spoke to a colleague at Police Mutual, Claire Long, and mentioned that I wanted to work with m62. Coincidentally, Claire was simultaneously reading Killer Presentations and was interested in using m62 to aid her salesforce. Between us we decided to engage them.


m62 visualised Police Mutual’s concepts, creating PowerPoint slides that used techniques such as Visual Cognitive Dissonance™ to keep the audience engaged, enabling them to stay focused on the complex subject matter for the duration of the day.

m62 also made sure that every slide was designed to a high quality, so that the presenters would project a professional image, creating an impressive, credible impression of the presenters, and thus of the Society itself.

Juliet Glendinning commented:

m62 really helped bring our points to life, offering the audience interesting and engaging 3D visuals. Static images wouldn’t have demonstrated our processes and strategies anywhere near as visually and simply. m62 used techniques to make the presentation engaging, so that the audience would focus on the key points and data all day – something that proved extremely useful.


Juliet Glendinning said of m62′s services:

“All of the feedback we received from the audience was that the conference was very professional and slick. This helped build the presenters credibility and also helped them convey the business strategy much more effectively – which successfully reassured delegates about the organisation and it long-term future. Exactly what we were aiming for.”

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