Client Spotlight: Retail & Sports Systems Ltd

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About the Company

Retail & Sports Systems Limited provides a fully integrated solution to sports organisations and retailers – a one-stop shop for the sale of products and merchandise. One of the main features is real time stock tracking, considered a must for any retailer with an online presence. In the past, this has only been available in expensive tier 1 retail systems .

As the R&SS system holds no limit to the number of sites that can be connected, it is suited to small and medium sized expanding businesses. The R&SS system requires very little up front payment for capital equipment, as there are no servers to buy or maintain. It is a hosted solution, with all the data kept at secure data centres. This, and the system’s secure payment channel, mean that the customer does not have to worry about the new PCI compliance laws, as it already meets the strict standards set by the Payment Card Industry.  It can be fully automated or have human input. The system is designed to fully cooperate with all methods of selling, whether the consumer chooses to purchase a product in store, online, or via telephone.

The system also offers online site design, customised to fit the brand, with simple, ready to use templates that can be updated from anywhere with an internet connection.  This means new product launches or special offers can be brought to market within minutes, rather than days. The R&SS system is designed to be easy to use, so that existing team members in the client company can use it without difficulty, reducing support costs. The service is provided for a fixed monthly fee.


Retail & Sports Systems Limited needed a presentation that projected a professional image and persuaded its audience effectively, but didn’t have the time or resources to do it in-house.

R&SS wanted a generic sales presentation that could be used in the sales cycle to persuade prospects. Audiences were to be in two categories: sports and general retail. However, audience roles were similar in both categories. Audience members were primarily of senior management level, so it was important to appeal to those at a senior level of the business.

It was really important to R&SS that it stressed the benefits of the system to its audience, so that the audience would fully understand how the organisation could help them.

Nick Cvetkovic, CEO of Retail & Sports Systems Limited, commented:

“Our aim was to get a really good presentation that would get people’s attention and stop them nodding off halfway through. We wanted to really give audiences an insight into the benefits of our system, without going into it in great detail.”

“We’d spoken about creating presentations before, but we’d always cobbled and struggled. I’d seen so many poor PowerPoint presentations in the business world where presenters read text from screens that I really wanted to make sure that ours stood out. I knew we’d need to hire someone to do that, and as I was already aware of m62′s approach and liked the product and service, I contacted m62.”


With system setups to explain, it was important to R&SS that they delivered their message succinctly and clearly, and got all the benefits across to the audience successfully. This would be difficult when explained via prose, and could make it difficult to keep the audience’s attention.

R&SS had attempted to prepare a presentation before, but had struggled to structure the messaging in a way that supported what needed to be expressed. With several different points they wanted to make, R&SS team members had difficulty identifying the most important of these, and how to mould them together to make a coherent presentation.


m62 used knowledge of psychological research to structure the presentation in a way that would really help audiences take notice and stay engaged with the content. The presentation was arranged to incorporate memory techniques such as repetition and chunking to ensure that audiences focused on the important points of the message, and would be far more likely to remember them after the presentation.

The slides were put together in a visual way, using images and graphics rather than text. This kept the audience engaged, and made certain that they were paying attention to the right things at the right time. These visual slides were then used to tell the story – ensuring that the audience remained interested.


Nick Cvetkovic, Sales Director of Retail & Sports Systems, commented:

Our story is now told in a way that really helps to demonstrate our core values. It was well worth reworking our messaging. The finished presentation communicates across all channels – audience members don’t need to be technically proficient to understand it and the benefits of working with us.

We’re delighted with the finished presentation. It has been extremely well received by audiences. We’ve delivered the presentation 15 or 20 times now to a wide spectrum of businesses, including a famous premiership football club and a global merchandising business. The use of graphics instead of text definitely increases retention rates and it always amazes me how many people remember certain slides. I can definitely say that we got sales because of it. In fact, we haven’t been knocked out of the bidding for any of the pitches that we’ve been presenting for. Two of our customers have said that it’s the best presentation they’ve ever seen!

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