Client Spotlight: Shopping Behaviour Xplained

Monday, March 15th, 2010 0 comments

About the Company

Shopping Behaviour Xplained Ltd analyses consumer behaviour, using current research and technology to compare what shoppers actually do in-store with their conscious and sub-conscious motivations and opinions.

Shopping behaviour analysis brings the shopper to the centre of retail marketing, merchandising and category management. SBXL reports what happens in-store, what decisions have been made and the reasoning behind them, and how the seller should act on this knowledge.

A large part of Shopping Behaviour Xplained’s research is based around eye tracking. By tracking shopper’s eye movements, SBXL are able to define what attracts their attention, what they find visually interesting and what they overlook. This research enables SBXL’s clients to obtain a deeper understanding of the impact of in-store communication.

Shopping Behaviour Xplained dissects and compares what shoppers do and how they think, providing knowledge of consumer behaviour. This understanding can then be used to plan range and space planning initiatives; to enter trade negotiations with more than just the price as a lever; and to optimise the efficiency of in-store marketing spend.


Shopping Behaviour Xplained was seeking to recreate its image for 2010, placing itself as an innovative company in the marketplace. A presentation was needed that would demonstrate SBXL’s core values and beliefs regarding psychological research and knowledge of the sector.

SBXL wanted a professional presentation that would function as a sales pitch, as well as form part of conference speeches and training workshops for its clients. The presentation needed to be informative, whilst stressing to audience members the benefits of working with SBXL.

Adrianne Carter, General Manager of SBXL, explained:

We chose m62 because its methodology suited ours; no other presentation company exhibits the same psychological understanding as m62. It was important to us to express our psychological knowledge, and it was clear that using scientifically researched presentation techniques was the best way to do that.


Shopping Behaviour Xplained uses techniques and theories that are not common in the marketplace. SBXL really wanted to emphasise this diversity in a way that would be remembered by audience members. To achieve this, SBXL needed a unique presentation that would really stand out from the crowd, and demonstrate how Shopping Behaviour Xplained differed from other companies.

SBXL wanted to show that it really understands what goes on in the human brain, and has a deep knowledge of psychology. The client wanted a presentation that would really demonstrate this understanding in a practical manner, using researched techniques to emphasise the point.

As part of its pitch, Shopping Behaviour Xplained wanted to include videos that demonstrate an example of its theories in action. In the past these videos have been the part of a presentation that stood out and was remembered, but SBXL wanted to ensure that the rest of the presentation was as memorable as these.


m62 used its research into psychology and working memory to incorporate certain presentation techniques into the presentation. Techniques such as Visual Cognitive Dissonance and Passive Mnemonic Processes were used to maximise audience engagement and recall rates. This ensured that SBXL’s message was conveyed in the most effective way possible, demonstrating knowledge of the human brain.

These techniques were then combined with impressive PowerPoint design to ensure that the presentation demonstrated key facts and figures in a visual format. m62 used subtle animation and graphs that build to highlight important research, and to ensure that the complex thinking behind the points was easy for the audience to grasp.

SBXL employees also attended open62 training sessions to ensure that they could maximise the effectiveness of their slides. Using the visualised PowerPoint slides with PowerPoint skills training enabled SBXL’s workers to fully incorporate all psychological techniques into their presentations, and to enable presenters to make certain that audiences were engaged, and would experience maximum recall.


Shopping Behaviour Xplained now finds it much easier to deliver its presentation, and to deliver it well. Audience members have given nothing but positive feedback, and SBXL’s scientific values are fully demonstrated.

Adrianne Carter, General Manager of Shopping Behaviour Xplained Ltd, commented:

Our presentation now feels much more powerful, and more likely to be remembered. The message hasn’t changed in itself, but it is now much more precise. The way our points are visualised ensures that we are not tempted to waffle, or to read off the screen.

The training course too exceeded expectations. Not only did we leave better presenters, but we came away understanding the actual psychology of presenting, and knowing that we can incorporate this into our presentations. I am confident that we can now use dual encoding and VCD to imbed whatever we choose into the minds of our audiences. Now that we’ve had the training, I feel that our slides are doubly powerful.

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