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first-juiceAbout the Company

First Juice, Inc. is a business backed by private investors who believe in delivering socially responsible products for parents and their children. The company was formed by parents, for parents. Its aim is to change the way parents look at the food choices they make for their children.

The product, First Juice, is America’s first organic, low sugar, fruit and vegetable juice for infants and toddlers. The juice is a healthy option for consumers, and its recyclable, non-spill packaging is designed to be convenient and environmentally friendly. As it contains a blend less sweet than regular fruit juices, it encourages children not to prefer sweet tastes, thus having a positive influence on taste-preference development.

First Juice has won various awards, including Best Packaging 2009, Best New Children’s Drink 2009, and Best Health Initiative 2009.

m62 first worked with First Juice in 2006, when the company was just beginning to develop. The Founder of First Juice, David Glasser, had viewed a webinar conducted by m62, and approached m62 to create his first presentation. He wanted a presentation that would help him get noticed, as he truly believed in his idea and wanted to publicise it in the best way possible.

David said of the first presentation produced for him by m62:

“m62 helped me move forward by giving me a presentation that was focused, clear, well-laid out and rehearsed. I knew that if I wanted a new presentation to be as successful as the last, I would have to work with m62 again.”


When the time came for expansion, First Juice approached m62 again to help procure investment for the company.

First Juice was looking to raise capital, and needed a presentation to take to each meeting that would convince potential investors that First Juice Inc. represented an attractive proposition.

The presentation needed to be clear and persuasive, yet still convey the detailed financial figures that would demonstrate the potential return investors could expect.


The current economical climate means that investors are being particularly careful with money, thus making it more difficult than usual to obtain funding. First Juice needed to ensure that the presentation was the best it could be. David Glasser, Founder of First Juice, commented: “I contacted m62 because I wanted to feel that I’d done the best I could. I didn’t want to have any excuses.”

First Juice wanted to move away from the presentation standard, and produce slides that could be shown over the course of an hour and a half’s conversation, rather than be delivered as a stand-alone lecture.

The children’s beverage industry is a competitive market, and First Juice wanted to make sure that it stood out from the crowd. First Juice’s mission is unique, and it wanted to ensure that this was fully conveyed to the audience.


With a quick turnaround of only two weeks, m62 produced a presentation that was clearly divided into five steps of the agenda, useful for switching between slides during the conversation with investors. A consistent professional image was produced that featured the company graphics, thus keeping the First Juice focus of children and families apparent throughout.

As the social and personal aspect of First Juice’s business is so important to its mission, photographs were used when appropriate to demonstrate both team members and customers, but not to an extent that would distract the audience.

Procuring investment involves displaying a large collection of numerical data. m62 converted this data into animated graphs that adapt and move as the speaker explains each point, making it easier for the audience to understand each piece of information, as well as highlighting the most important of these.


m62 created for First Juice a visual presentation that conveys complex messages with elegant diagrams and graphs.

David Glasser, Founder and CEO of First Juice, commented:

“I happened to watch a webinar given by m62 a few years ago, and thought that the company produced work much better than anything I had previously seen. I decided then that whenever I needed to produce a really important presentation, I would work with m62. And after fantastic results with the last m62 presentation three years ago, when the time came for expansion, I contacted m62 again.

“This time around, I once again wanted my presentation to be the best it could be, and I knew that for that I’d have to work with m62. The presentation really clarifies what we’re trying to say, and communicates it in the best way possible. I’m completely satisfied and I can’t compliment team members enough for being so attentive. I’d spend my last five grand with m62, because I really believe in the work they do.”

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