Gaymer Cider Company – Client Spotlight

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About the Company

Gaymer Cider Company are the dedicated cider expert with a comprehensive portfolio of cider brands including Gaymers, Blackthorn, Olde English & Addlestones.

Based at Shepton Mallet, Somerset – the heart of cider country – the cider mill has been producing cider for many generations. Gaymer Cider Company is the second largest cider producer in the UK.


The presentation Gaymer Cider Company approached m62 for help with was designed to increase the company’s credibility as the cider expert with both its customers and internal sales team.

The initial presentation was for use internally to educate the sales team and provide them with the confidence and knowledge to take the information externally to customers. Gaymer Cider Company wished to represent the business in a way that would change opinion on their position in the market.

The focus of this pitch was a research project about the cider market, which would reveal insights about the future growth opportunities for cider. The presentation would use the data to demonstrate how this knowledge could be used to maximise sales opportunities.


The research project this presentation was regarding represented a significant investment for the business. This meant it represented a great opportunity, and care had to be taken that this opportunity was maximised.

On top of this, category research was very new. As a new area for the business, it was important to Gaymer Cider Company that it got its message across in a clear and concise method. It wanted to represent the business in a novel way, that would make customers sit up and take notice.

The information Gaymer Cider Company wished to be conveyed was by nature, full of data. With so many facts to present, Gaymer Cider Company found it difficult to represent the data in a way that would be easy for all audience members to understand and appreciate.

Gaymer Cider Company had a tight lead time to work to, and needed a quick turnaround on the project.


With so much information on the slides, it was hard to tell which details were most important. This meant that it was difficult for the audience to grasp the main ideas of the presentation. m62 simplified the message to make it easier to understand, and conveyed certain statistics in less detailed, more visual graphs. This meant that the main detail of the slide could be quickly grasped. The numbers that were really important stood out, as fine detail could be emphasised when necessary.

The charts were designed to be as clear as possible, and m62 used animation to help explain each point and make the data more engaging. The graphs were programmed to build with each point made, so that the audience would not be overloaded with too much information at once. Thus the audience’s focus could be directed towards the relevant point at the right time, ensuring that they would find the information easier to understand and remember.


m62 produced the presentation to deadline, with slides containing simplified, visual data. The presentation was dynamic, and designed to draw the audience in, focusing their attention on the details that really mattered.

Chris Richardson, Customer Marketing Manager, commented:

“With a very tight lead time to work to, m62 showed real dedication to deliver the project on time. The information is now represented in a way that is very clear. The design and animation really helps the audience understand the key messages rather than getting lost.

“When we presented to our own team at the annual conference, we had audience members afterwards commenting on how interesting it was, and mentioning specific numbers. The fact that they could remember the details showed how effective the presentation had been. We’ve since delivered the presentation to certain key customers, and have had positive feedback. In fact, opportunities came up as a result of the presentation that we wouldn’t normally expect. We’ll be using the presentation over the next six to twelve months, and so far we’re very pleased with how it’s going.”

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