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Informavores Case StudyAbout Informavores

Informavores is a company that provides business orchestration software, which modernises the way call centre and web-based customer interactions are managed. The software is used to guide interaction with customers and prospects as well as to ensure operational excellence.

The software, Firefly, enables businesses to build scripts, processes and guides that include complicated business rules, which are accessible to all employees. Firefly optimises the productivity of customer interactions by automating administrative tasks.

Informavores also provides a range of training, consultancy and development services, supporting its clients throughout the entire process from initial design to launch. Informavores does the majority of its work remotely using web conferencing, enabling it to be flexible and work successfully with clients around the world.


Informavores wanted a presentation that clearly articulated what business orchestration is, and the benefits it offers to clients. As most of Informavores’ presentations are delivered over the Internet, the presentation had to be engaging and dynamic for use in remote selling, while still working for face-to-face use.

Informavores felt that its old presentations were ‘dry and dull’, and needed to be more appealing in order to successfully engage and persuade the audience. Informavores wanted to use the best presentation it could, which was specifically optimised for use via web conferencing software.


Business orchestration, the crux of Informavores’ work, is not well understood in the business world. Many prospects failed to understand exactly what business orchestration is or what it does, often thinking that it is simply an advanced form of call scripting. This was a big problem for Informavores, as people do not wish to buy something they cannot fully understand the benefits of.

In any presentation, there is a need to keep people engaged. This was especially true in the case of Informavores, as it found that its software would often be judged based on partial understanding of what it offered. Informavores had also found it difficult to be compelling when presenting remotely, a problem compounded by an inability to see if the audience are engaged.

Previous presentations were generic, and presenters found it difficult to be specific when presenting about everything Informavores can do. Informavores didn’t want to seem to offer a little for everybody: it wanted to provide clear, in-depth information, whilst simultaneously showing the breadth of its capabilities. The previous broad pitch was too much for audiences to take in and understand. The pitch needed to be more specific, but also coherent and understandable.


m62 offered a consultancy session to help Informavores to identify its value proposition and find a clear way to tell its story. An onsite workshop with senior staff helped to solidify the pitch. With one clear message that all presenters in the company can understand and deliver, it has become much easier for Informavores to explain to prospects what exactly it does.

With a lot of complex information to pass on to the audience, it was imperative that explanations in the presentation were clear and effective. m62 worked with Informavores to break down the stages of business orchestration into understandable sections, and used diagrams to help demonstrate each point. Graphs and diagrams were designed to build, so that each stage of the process could be fully explained before the next information was given. This helped Informavores to explain the ideas in more detail, but in a simpler way.

As the presentation was specifically intended for use on the web, m62 designed slides that build with every point made to retain attention. m62 drew on knowledge of the online presentation service that Informavores use to ensure that no unsupported animations or effects were used. In addition, m62 took care not to use bandwidth-heavy graphics or complex animations, so that there wouldn’t be a delay when the slides were viewed online. Once the slides were complete, they were tested via the online web service, and additional changes were made to optimise each slide for viewing via the internet.


Informavores’ customers now find business orchestration much easier to understand. The simple but engaging visual design encourages clients to pay close attention and aids them to grasp the complex ideas of Informavores’ work. The message is now much clearer and easier to deliver as well as to understand. After only three months, Informavores has noticed a positive influence on sales.

Steve Wood, Chief Executive Officer of Informavores, commented:

“The slides m62 produced for us are completely different to the ones we had before, and so much better. Customers now find the concept of business orchestration much easier to understand. Before, we didn’t have a clear view or direction regarding the message we wanted to get across, but the m62 consultancy process made us really think about how we pitched our product. Now we have a sales pitch, not just a hoard of information.”

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