NorthgateArinso m62 Training Course Delegate Feedback

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This feedback comes from attendees of the m62 Killer Presentation course – m62′s presentation skills training course for business presenters.

Client: NorthgateArinso

Date: 20th – 21st November 2008

Delegates: 15

Location: North England

How well did m62 Killer Presentation Skills meet your expectations?


Content: Please evaluate the programme modules?


What were the most valuable learning points?

  • All
  • Interesting facts about PowerPoint e.g. ‘B’ key and how to go to specific slides. Memory test facts were powerful
  • Took me out of comfort zone making me think again about benefits
  • This is the way to get Egg on your face
  • Sell benefits
  • How to remain structure
  • Presentation skills

What other presentation material would be useful to you?

  • The presentation skills that were taught
  • A brochure

May we have a quote for marketing purposes?

  • “The group went from all round resistance to all round buy within 48hrs Fantastic”
  • “Made me question the Perceived ‘norm’ and re-evaluate my selling technique”
  • “Fantastic”
  • “Great hard work but well worth it”
  • “Outstanding course Great content”

How could the course be improved?

  • More time
  • More Time
  • More time on our presentation

Would a follow-up course be useful?

  • 8 delegates: Probably
  • 7 delegates: Definitely

Would you recommend Killer Presentation Skills to your Colleagues?

  • 3 delegates: Probably
  • 12 delegates: Definitely

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