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About Serco

Serco has been delivering essential public services for more than 40 years, and has grown to become one of the world’s leading service companies.  Serco’s work ranges from the management and provision of facilities, projects and IT systems, through to the creation of entirely new businesses in local government, home affairs, defence, science, health, education and the private sector

With more than 70,000 employees, Serco delivers mission-critical services to government and private clients in over 40 countries.

Serco has one primary aim: to work with their clients and achieve their ambitions by bringing about innovation, organisational change and assured service delivery.


Having successfully worked together on previous projects, Serco approached m62 visualcommunications to specifically assist with the creation of two separate presentations that were to be delivered to Plymouth Hospital NHS Trust, in response to a tender outlining the Trust’s requirements for the provision of portering, cleaning, housekeeping and catering services, a seven  year contract worth approximately £140 million pounds.

The tender required Serco to present an initial interim submission, to be delivered to the project team, whilst a more in-depth final submission presentation was needed to support the 500 page written proposal.

The final submission presentation was to be delivered to a working group consisting of existing portering, cleaning and catering personnel; Plymouth Hospital clinical staff; and key members of the Trust’s executive team – and each group had very different priorities. The presentation needed to appeal to all three audiences, whilst also ensuring that the final submission brief was addressed.

Prior to engaging m62 for this specific project, Serco had indentified a basic proposal strategy but felt that input was required by m62 to ensure that the presentation had a high degree of relevance to dramatically increase the chances of a successful outcome.


In addressing Plymouth Hospital’s brief, Serco needed to ensure that the response was not only clear and relevant but that the final submission presentation was tailored to meet the requirements of the three separate audiences that the presentation was to be delivered to.

Consequently, Serco wanted to ensure that they took the correct approach in order to address the very different requirements of these audiences, engage the audience as a whole, and formulate an effective response to demonstrate their capability and commitment to providing a first class service to Plymouth Hospital.

Whilst Serco was confident in the 500 page written submission, they wanted the presentation to effectively reference integral elements of, and complement the written submission.


Having worked with m62 previously, Serco had established their overall value proposition and then employed consultancy services from m62 to ensure that the proposition and ultimately the final presentation, were tailored to this specific opportunity.

Given the requirement to answer quite a specific brief, coupled with the requirement to appeal to three different audiences, m62 devised an innovative approach that addressed the key topics of staff satisfaction, patient satisfaction and stakeholder satisfaction ensuring that the benefits to each of three audiences were highlighted. This approach demonstrated that both the hospital’s and indeed the audience’s requirements were fully understood and within the Serco’s ability to deliver.

Throughout the presentation the five core elements of Serco’s value proposition were introduced at the presentation’s outset and, formed the basis for the presentation structure. The value proposition was re-introduced periodically through the presentation at relevant stages, continually reinforcing Serco’s core messaging.

Having established the main points to take from the written proposal and integrated these with Serco’s value proposition m62 created a response involving five key Serco personnel to demonstrate the breadth of knowledge and specialism within the executive team.  The m62 team undertook training sessions with the presenters to give them the opportunity to evaluate their presentation technique, ensure continuity of delivery and a collaborative, cohesive presentation.


m62 created for Serco a highly dynamic presentation that ensured key messages were delivered to a captivate audience by confident presenters, enabling Serco to win the contract.

Douglas Ritchie, Business Development Director at Serco, commented

I would like to say thank you to m62 for the outstanding work that they did for us – we could not have won this contract without their input. The presentation was a resounding success enabling us to engage with the audience, demonstrate our understanding of the brief, effectively communicate our value proposition and ultimately win the business. The presentation created by m62 was dynamic, unique and really grabbed the audience’s attention. Through the initial and incredibly detailed planning sessions we were able to establish a really clear idea of what we wanted to cover and how it should be conveyed. The delivery training sessions ensured that individual presenters felt comfortable with the presentation and confident in their delivery whilst ensuring consistency of approach.

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