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view62. Present everywhere.

It’s never been more important to your business to be able to beat the competition and bring in new business. You need to maximise your company’s exposure and not waste a single opportunity that comes your way. Can you rely upon yourself to deliver a consistent, enthusiastic, effective pitch time after time, day after day?

Meet Chris, hard working Senior Account Manager for a medium sized company in a highly competitive marketplace. Earlier today Chris pitched for new business to a company in Chicago, Illinois that had been on his radar for months. His delivery was perfect. The slides were perfect. The story was clear, clean and concise. He couldn’t have asked for it to go any better and the client are now in the process of reaching out to develop the relationship. In short; he nailed it.

Two minutes later and he made the same pitch to a company in Singapore. He showed no sign of fatigue, his delivery was perfect and the audience were so involved in the story he told that they were exchanging approving glances before the presentation had finished.

Five minutes after that he made the pitch again. This time he was on a commuter train in Auckland, New Zealand presenting to the CEO of a startup company he had never heard of. The CEO had sought Chris out after hearing on the social media grapevine just how good he was and, after seeing Chris’ pitch, immediately called his PA to arrange a call. Then he returned to reading the morning paper.

During all three of these successful pitches Chris, the hard working Senior Account Manager for a medium sized company in a highly competitive marketplace, was asleep in his flat in London dreaming about making more pitches (yes, Chris needs a break). He won’t be aware of the massive progress he’s made until he checks his office email tomorrow morning…

Imagine being able to leverage your time to create a pitch you’re completely proud of and immediately presenting it to the people you need to persuade without the inconvenience and expense of long distance travel.

This is the future of presenting to a global market: a supremely effective presentation which will work around the clock, around the planet to help you deliver your ideas with the measurable consistency of a Swiss timepiece for a fraction of the cost of yesterday’s green screen presentations.

This is view62: You, everywhere. Perfect, everytime.

Want to know even more? Watch this video to see how view62 can help your sales.

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