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client-spotlight-visual-insightAbout Visual Insight

Visual Insight was established by a team of seasoned business leaders that has managed more than 30 companies with turnovers of up to £250m in the UK, EU and US, in order to create a tangible method of assessing the effectiveness of a business’ sales force and the quality of its sales pipeline.

The result is Sales Pipe Insight, a sales pipeline reporting and forecasting tool that has been designed for the Board, by the Board. This practical solution provides straightforward, no-nonsense information enabling businesses to drive profitable growth.


With a team of dedicated sales professionals delivering between 10 – 15 presentations per month, Visual Insight identified the need for a high-quality, concise and easy to use sales presentation. An effective presentation would adequately support Visual Insight’s own sales force by facilitating the team to sell Sales Pipe Insight more easily through enabling the audience to fully understand Visual Insight’s proposition and its commercial benefits.

Prior to engaging m62, Visual Insight was using a generic presentation on a very regular basis that was sometimes amended to appeal to a specific target audience. Mike Hensman, Sales & Marketing Director of Visual Insight explains: “We have a team of highly experienced presenters possessing exceptional presentation skills, however the existing sales presentation needed addressing. We had a standard bullet point presentation and were definitely suffering in part from death by PowerPoint!” Visual Insight therefore felt that input was required to ensure that the presentation was dynamic, captivating and informative whilst being flexible to ensure it had a high degree of relevance to specific audiences.

Visual Insight wanted to improve its own qualification process in order to dramatically increase the chances of a successful outcome.


One of the major challenges that Visual Insight faced was that the existing presentation did not accurately reflect the business benefits of the product, which were difficult to demonstrate using the current presentation design.

Consequently, the company stipulated to m62 that the way its main messages were communicated needed addressing and that the presentation needed to add value to these messages whilst adequately supporting the sales team when delivering the presentation on a regular basis.

Visual Insight also highlighted that a sales pitch is absolutely critical to the organisation as it is the first exposure potential clients have to understand its solution, its positioning and how it will provide business benefits to them. This, coupled with a very short time frame in which to create the new presentation, proved a real challenge for the m62 team.


m62 worked with Visual Insight to undertake a 360 degree review of its existing presentation design, content and delivery process. The key benefits of both the product and the organisation were identified, enabling m62 to establish an overall value proposition that would be relevant to a variety of different target audiences.

m62 also worked with the Visual Insight team to enable it to maximise opportunities that arose from Q&A sessions, an opportunity that was previously being missed.

The simply designed yet impactful presentation followed a narrative approach, reinforcing Visual Insight’s value proposition throughout, suitably demonstrating the benefits of a relatively complex product in a concise yet impactful way using key phrases, images and infographs.

m62 was given only a short time frame within which to redesign the presentation, with Visual Insight relying heavily on the extensive experience and expertise of m62 to get the project turned around quickly.


m62 created for Visual Insight a highly dynamic presentation that provided its sales force with an exciting, engaging and impactful presentation that has dramatically increased conversion rates.

Mike Hensman of Visual Insight commented: “The feedback that we receive from people listening to the presentation is very positive. Not only are we getting our message across far better than we were before, most people actually comment on the quality of our slides. Our audience gets the story far quicker than they did with the old presentation; we do not have to go back and revisit the presentation to reinforce points – people usually get it the first time.”

The new presentation is far more visual with little or no words and is lots of fun to deliver. Thanks to m62 we now have a much more confident sales force as a result of the presentation.

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