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UKAPMP-competitionm62′s Nick Oulton will be presenting once again this year at the UKAPMP’s Annual Conference, to be held in Nottingham on 13-14 October 2010.

Nick has been invited to present at the event at 11:00 in The Wellington Suite, after Jack Paine, Head of Procurement across the Dept of Transport. Other speakers at the conference include Alistair Campbell – former Director of Communications for ex-PM Tony Blair, and Charles Leadbeater – leading authority on innovation and strategy.

Perfect Presentations Competition

You may have a fantastic presentation, but you can only deliver it to one group of people, at one time, in one place. What difference would it make to your business if you could deliver your presentation more often, to more people, for less effort – and at no cost?

What if you could deliver your presentation 1000 times a day – for free?

In a competition run by m62 visualcommunications, the global leader in presentation effectiveness, the winner will receive a re-worked virtual presentation and a year’s free virtual presentation hosting on their virtual presentation platform.

All entrants will receive feedback on their presentations, so that those who submit a presentation will benefit from the knowledge of how to make their presentations more effective. Entrants will also receive a copy of Nick Oulton’s best-selling presentation book, Killer Presentations. Current UKAPMP members may enter, and those at the UKAPMP Conference are invited to attend the m62 stand at the event.

Competition Rules

  1. To enter, entrants must submit a copy of a presentation for judging. The presentation that is deemed to be the most effective will be awarded with first place. Presentations will be judged on the basis of memorable message, engaging visuals, and impressive design.
  2. The competition may be entered by a company or person who is a member of UKAPMP as of the date of the UKAPMP conference 2010.
  3. The presentation must be one used by the company / person submitting it in a bid situation during 2010. It is allowable for the presentation to be modified to remove commercially sensitive information.
  4. m62 will provide an NDA for each submitted entry if required by the company / person submitting the presentation.
  5. Presentations produced by m62 are not eligible for entry.
  6. The winner will receive a re-work of their presentation for a virtual setting, and a year’s free hosting on their virtual presentation platform (cash value over £10,000).
  7. A critique will be offered for each entry. This will take the form of a web meeting lasting approx 30 minutes.
  8. Each entrant will also receive a copy of Killer Presentations by Nicholas Oulton.
  9. There is no maximum slide number.
  10. The deadline for entries is Monday 18th October 2010.
  11. The winner will be notified by Friday 22nd October 2010.
  12. There is no cash or other alternative to the prize offered.
  13. The prize is not transferable to another party.

How to Enter

Please contact the Competition Co-Ordinator at UKAPMPcompetition@m62.net who will inform you of how to send us your presentation. Please include in the email your full details, any supporting information required for an evaluation of your presentation, and stating if you require an NDA to be signed.

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