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about-m62Do you sometimes feel your presentations should be more impressive? Do your brochures and website look better than your PowerPoint? Do you feel that your presentation design doesn’t represent your company in its best light?

Standing up is hard enough without worrying that your slides make you look amateurish.

Portraying the right image is important for most organisations, but sometimes PowerPoint presentations are the hardest things to get right. Even experienced graphics designers tend not to be PowerPoint experts. Brand guidelines are put together without considering slide design. Presentations tend to suffer from being seen as something that individuals do for themselves – with predictable results.

m62 is one of the world’s foremost presentation design agencies. We aren’t just about design – but we do have a first-rate presentation design studio.

If you want your next presentation to look professional, if you want your next PowerPoint slides to represent your organisation in the right way, and if you don’t want to spend months learning PowerPoint as well as we know it – why not ask m62 to design your slides?

As PowerPoint presentation design specialists, we understand what makes presentation design effective. We have a long check list our designers follow, making sure the finer details are all taken care of. Most agencies don’t even think about the difference between print and projection. We do, every day.

Most agencies – even specialist presentation design agencies – make extensive use of Photoshop, making it hard for you to edit your own presentation. They design in Photoshop, then copy onto your slides. Want to change some text? Edit the file in Photoshop. We use PowerPoint but make it look like it was done in Photoshop. Want to change some text? Click and type.

Because we design in PowerPoint – pushing the software to its limits – the work we do for you can be used again and again. You can change slides, update slides, and even copy things onto your own new slides. An investment, not a disposable piece of graphic design.

We can work remotely – taking a brief by telephone, showing you concepts over the web. We can even work while you watch on your PC over the web – if you are in a rush or just want to see an expert presentation designer at work.

Impressive presentation design. Made easy.

m62 can help with your presentation needs. We are happy to contribute specialist support as part of an ongoing project, or we can work with you to completely transform your PowerPoint presentations. To discuss your presentation requirements please contact our UK office on +44 (0)151 259 6262, or request a call back or web demonstration from our website. We work with a variety of private and public sector clients worldwide.

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