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about-m62m62 has been delivering training to presenters and PowerPoint users for over a decade. The offering falls into three broad areas: hard skills, soft skills and technical skills.

All courses are based on m62′s approach, and provide delegates with practical skills and knowledge to help them present and communicate effectively.

Because m62 presentations don’t consist of a series of bullet-points that a presenter reads from the screen, m62 presentation skills training doesn’t consist only of teaching presenters how to read aloud in the ‘least-bad’ way. Our courses fall into three broad areas: hard skills, soft skills and technical skills.

Hard Skills

m62 hard skills courses start by reviewing the science of communication, to understand how audiences understand visual and spoken information. By looking at modern presentation theory, which is based on the principles of cognitive psychology, delegates will understand what works, and what doesn’t work, in face-to-face communication. Hard skills courses involve significant transfer of knowledge. This knowledge is then used as the basis for practical presentation skills and tips.

m62 hard skills courses are designed to have an immediate impact, and usually result in significant and lasting change of behaviour by the delegates.

Soft Skills

Soft skills are the interpersonal skills needed for good communication, and are what typically are covered in presentation skills training. m62 believes that soft skills are necessary, but not sufficient, for effective face-to-face presentation and communication. Soft skills include confidence, eye contact, voice projection, appearance, and body language. All of these skills can be taught to a high level.

m62 finds that many soft skills courses are outdated, in that they don’t take account of the significant advancement in visual presentation quality over the last few years. m62′s soft skills training helps presenters currently delivering text-heavy presentations or visual presentations, and in that sense, is future-proof.

Technical Skills

Technical skills courses are for those who use PowerPoint to build slides. Technical skills courses are built on a short introduction to presentation theory, but focus primarily on PowerPoint design.

PowerPoint is used badly, at least in part, because the ‘barriers to entry’ are low, and nearly anybody can open the software and type bullet points. Many of us know that this approach doesn’t work – but don’t have the skills to build our own visual presentations. m62′s technical skills courses teach delegates how to make their own impressive slides, and thereby facilitate entire teams and organisations in raising the level of their presentations.

Hard Skills Programmes

Soft Skills Programmes

Technical Skills Programmes

Presentation Training Accreditation

m62 offers accreditation to recognise those who have developed a strong understanding of effective presentations, and the skills to make use of this theoretical underpinning. Individuals may be accredited as sales presenters, training and education presenters, or as PowerPoint users.

For organisations interested in building an internal capacity for developing presenters, a training-the-trainers programme is available. This approach can help revolutionise the way an entire company communicates.

m62 can help with your presentation training. We are happy to provide in-house training in using PowerPoint or presentation skills, at a variety of levels. We sometimes offer open training courses, for those who don’t require dedicated in-house presentation training. To discuss your presentation requirements please contact our UK office on +44 (0)151 259 6262, or request a call back or web demonstration from our website. We work with a variety of private and public sector clients worldwide.

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