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web-presentationWhen done well, face-to-face presentations have tremendous impact. Effective presentations can be more engaging than documents, and more memorable than speeches. But while face-to-face meetings can be powerful, sometimes they just aren’t practical, and other times they just aren’t possible.

Limits of Face to Face Presentations

A presenter delivers a face-to-face business presentation at one time, in one place. If that important sales prospect can’t make it – they miss it. If your audience is spread all-over, they travel. Or you do. Travel costs money. Time is money.

And what about those people you simply can’t get to see, who won’t give you a 30-minute meeting, or even any meeting?

So sometimes we forget the idea of presenting, and send an email, or try the telephone, or just hope that people visit our websites. Even though we know that face-to-face presentations are powerful, sometimes we simply can’t be in that one place, at that one time.

Only now, we always can be.

Web Presentations – Effective Visual Communication

Web presentations can be consumed on demand. They can be delivered from anywhere, and viewed live or watched later. Slides, voice, and even video can work together as truly effective visual communication.

Types of Web Presentation

Presentations can be delivered over the Internet in a variety of different ways, and for a variety of different purposes. All of these approaches increase your reach, lower the cost of viewing, allow you multiple attempts to record your content, and enable analytics so that you can see who views and when.

Website Presentations

Most websites today look pretty good. But great design can’t hide that most company websites are simply full of text. However good your copy, is it as persuasive as your top salesperson? Imagine visitors being able to view presentations about your products and services, on demand, from your website.


Webinars are a great way of reaching an audience of your customers and prospects. Providing free seminars used to be an option only for the biggest companies, and attendance was always difficult and time-consuming for their customers. Now online webinars (web seminars) are easy to organise, cheap to deliver, and can be recorded for later viewing by those who couldn’t attend. Just make sure that your webinar presentation captivates.

Web Presentations for Lead Generation

Generating leads is hard work – any sales person will tell you. Getting appointments can be tough. Getting the right appointments even tougher. But imagine being able to deliver stunning five-minute sales presentations over the web. Cold-calling on steroids. Or, if you want to increase your reach further, record the presentation, and send a link to your prospects. You can even personalise the first slides, narration and all. It looks dynamic, and really sets you apart.

Online Presentations for Strategic Sales

Getting to see the real decision makers to deliver your sales presentation is often difficult. Your contact won’t get you in front of his or her boss. What do you do? Handover your slides? Ask your contact to present for you? Why not record the presentation? Record and review until you get the presentation just right. Five minutes to view at a time that suits. You can even make sure the presentation doesn’t end up with your competitors. You can’t do that by handing over your slides.

Web Presentations for Training

Training large teams, spread over large areas, can be expensive and slow. Why not record exceptional web presentations, with your best trainer? You can check who views, and when. And what better way to train your sales team on delivering a new sales presentation than by showing them how it’s done? Not just once, but available for them to view on demand, whenever they need a little coaching.

Sales Presentation Leave-Behinds

What’s the best leave-behind after a sales meeting? Your slides? If they make sense without you, what were you doing when you presented them? A brochure? Pretty dull. How about a web presentation, perfectly delivered, selling the benefits you offer, even while you sleep.

Conference Presentations Recorded Online

Conference presentations are delivered once and often forgotten. Slide printouts in bulky folders capture the slides, but not the presentation. Video recordings show the presenter, but often obscure the slides. Web presentations ensure conferences and meetings can be watched online, on demand, with a perfect view of presenter and slides – the entire presentation.

Effective Web Presentations

If a presentation is boring when delivered face-to-face, how will it keep attention online? Web presentations need to be impressive, and engaging. Flash works fine – but when did you last simply type an edit into Flash? m62 makes PowerPoint look like Flash. Perfect for web presentations.

m62 can help you with your web presentations. We can work with your existing technology, or recommend technology that will best suit your needs. Design slides that get you noticed. Help you deliver exceptional presentations. To anywhere. At any time.

m62 can help with your presentation needs. We are happy to contribute specialist support only as part of an ongoing project, or we can work with you to completely transform your PowerPoint presentations. To discuss your presentation requirements please contact our UK office on +44 (0)151 259 6262, or request a call back or web demonstration from our website. We work with a variety of private and public sector clients worldwide.

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