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conference-presentationIt costs a lot of money to organise a conference. Not just the cost of a venue, the cost of entertainment, and the cost of travel. The opportunity cost of having an audience in the room, and not somewhere else. It matters if a conference is successful.

It’s surprising that every detail of a conference is planned, except for the presentations. Menus are planned, rooms are planned, bands are booked, printing is done – everything runs smoothly. But the typical conference presentation has no input from organisers – even at a company conference.

Sure, there may be a conference PowerPoint template to use. But each presenter types his or her own presentation.

Each presentation is full of bullet points and text – boring to write, let alone to sit through. Dozens of presentations, 100s of slides, 1000s of bullet points. Mind-numbing for the audience. Yet, surely the presentations are the reason for having the conference?

Imagine a conference where slides referred not only to the presentation before – but also to the one that will happen later that day. Imagine a conference where the same images explain the same concepts in presentation after presentation. Imagine a conference where messages are considered as a whole. Imagine a conference that genuinely meets its objectives.

m62 is all about effective presentations. We turn bullet points into visuals. We train lacklustre presenters and make them stars. We turn isolated presentations into a rich tapestry of ideas and cross-references. And we can make your conference effective.

m62 can help with your conference presentation needs. We are happy to produce a single presentation if you need to give a conference presentation, or we can work with you to completely transform the PowerPoint presentations at your next conference, seminar, or event. To discuss your presentation requirements please contact our UK office on +44 (0)151 259 6262, or request a call back or web demonstration from our website. We work with a variety of private and public sector clients worldwide.

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