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marketing-presentationYour staff don’t all design their own packaging. They don’t all write their own websites. They don’t all run their own advertising campaigns. But they most likely do produce their own PowerPoint presentations.

Months of R&D go into a new product. Weeks running the press campaign. Then who produces the marketing presentation for the launch event? Your assistant? Your graphic designer?

Years go into building a brand. Defining a marketing personality. Creating an experience. And then who controls the presentations your staff deliver? Marketing? Sales? Anyone?

Your next marketing presentation doesn’t have to be text-heavy. It could be visual and dynamic – perfectly aligned to your brand. Instead of guessing what works in marketing presentations – read the resources below.

  • virtual-presentations

    Virtual Presentations

    29th September - What is a virtual presentation? What are the pros and cons of presenting virtually? A virtual presentation can increase your reach – allowing your slides to have greater impact.PowerPoint Training

  • killer-presentation-skills

    Killer Presentation Skills

    1st September - Chas Williams reviews a popular video called Killer Presentation Skills, and brings out lessons for presenters wanting to improve their presentation skills.Presentation Skills

  • presenting-101

    Presenting 101

    18th August - Where should you begin when producing a presentation? Our Presenting 101 guide takes presenters through the process, from initial planning, to PowerPoint design and soliciting feedback.Presentation Theory

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