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  • development-capacity

    Organisational Development

    30th September - This organisational development slide explains the issues companies face when managing development activity alongside the day-to-day running of the business.PowerPoint Slides

  • thumb-formatting


    28th September - In this free Formatting PowerPoint tutorial we look at different ways of formatting autoshapes and lines.PowerPoint Training

  • intec


    25th September - A before-and-after example, showing how invoice management can cause problems for companies. m62 translated the same information into visual PowerPoint slides.PowerPoint Clinic

  • thumb-autoshapes


    24th September - Get to grips with the basics of PowerPoint Autoshapes in this short PowerPoint tutorial and lay the foundations for effective, visual slides.PowerPoint Training

  • thumb-plates-powerpoint-templates

    Restaurant Template

    23rd September - This free restaurant template shows a pile of plates in the foreground. The restaurant PowerPoint template will be useful for restaurants, caterers, or those discussing the food industry.PowerPoint Templates

  • openmind-thumb


    22nd September - Structure information in a presentation clearly to emphasise key messages in this before-and-after example from the telecommunications industry.PowerPoint Clinic

  • interactive-presentation

    Interactive Presentation

    20th September - Ideas and tips for interactive presentations. Deliver an interactive presentation with hyperlinks, quizzes, polls, and more.

  • web-presentation

    Web Presentation

    20th September - Your web presentation should be impressive, and engaging. m62 makes PowerPoint look like Flash. Perfect for exciting web presentations.

  • pitch-presentation

    Pitch Presentation

    20th September - Need a pitch presentation? m62 understand what makes pitch presentations effective. A structured process ensures every variable is considered. Nothing is left to chance.

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