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Most PowerPoint slides are ineffective, and quite often they aren’t very impressive either.

If your PowerPoint slides are full of text that your audience can read for themselves, they don’t work. The audience reads and ignores the presenter. If your slides contain only one giant ‘Zen’ image, but don’t help the audience understand your complex ideas, they don’t work.

Impressive PowerPoint slides look good. That can be important, but it isn’t enough. Slides that work -¬†that is, PowerPoint slides that help you get your message across -¬†should be visual.

Use charts, diagrams, pictures and animation to create effective PowerPoint slides. Here, we give you some free visual PowerPoint slides to customise and use in your own presentations.

Please contact m62 if you have some existing slides that you would like to see turned into a visual presentation. Why use bullet points?

  • Happy Easter PowerPoint Card Thumbnail

    Happy Easter Card

    26th March - This Happy Easter PowerPoint Greeting Card features a hopping rabbit chasing an Easter egg. Download for free to send to friends and family.PowerPoint Slides

  • Archive v Backup PowerPoint slides thumbnail

    Archive vs. Backup

    19th October - This Achive vs. Backup PowerPoint slide demonstrates how the use of long term archive data storage solutions can be more cost effective and less wasteful than short or medium term backup solutions.PowerPoint Slides

  • Calendar PowerPoint Slides Thumbnail

    Calendar Slides

    16th October - These Calendar PowerPoint Slides display a metaphor of time passing as the calendar flicks through months and years.PowerPoint Slides

  • Collated Logistics PowerPoint Slide Thumbnail

    Collated Logistics

    18th September - This Collated Logistics PowerPoint slide demonstrates how businesses can save costs by taking a collated logistics approach.PowerPoint Slides

  • Need for Teamwork PowerPoint Slide Thumbnail

    Need for Teamwork

    26th July - This Need for Teamwork PowerPoint slide demonstrates the importance of teamwork and how it is required to ensure effective work across an organisation.PowerPoint Slides

  • Key Performance Indicators powerpoint slide Thumbnail

    Key Performance Indicators

    27th June - These Key Performance Indicators PowerPoint slides demonstrate how using performance measures can help your organisation run more effectively.PowerPoint Slides

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