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slides-and-templates-165x125When organising a conference, the presentations should be your number one priority – not the food, not the entertainment, and not the accommodation. Why? Because the conference sessions and presentations are the reason for actually having a conference at all.

To ensure that conference presentations seem slick and impressive, there are a number of things you can do. Make sure presenters refer to each other, and build on earlier messages. Use consistent design and graphics. And, make sure that the little touches – agenda slides, break slides, room layout slides – look professional.

Here, we give away free conference slides to use at your conference or event. If you want help with the actual conference presentations, well, we can help with that too.

  • break

    Conference Break Slides

    16th October - Stylish slides displaying coffee break and meal times. Use these free downloadable animated conference break PowerPoint slides at your conference, workshop, or training event.PowerPoint Slides

  • digital-countdown

    Digital PowerPoint Timer

    25th September - Stylish digital-look countdown timer produced entirely in PowerPoint. Download the digital PowerPoint timer for free, and use at your own conference or training event. PowerPoint Slides

  • powerpoint-clock-countdown

    PowerPoint Countdown Timer

    18th September - This PowerPoint countdown timer can be displayed on screen at your conference or training day. Download and customise these countdown slides for free.PowerPoint Slides

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