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slides-and-templatesm62 produces bespoke visual finance presentations for a number of clients. By using visuals and animations instead of headings and bullet-points, these clients are able to communicate more effectively, and avoid boring their audience.

Here, we share some finance slides that demonstrate our approach. You are welcome to download and adapt these slides for use in your own PowerPoint presentations.

If you have some slides you want to see given the visual treatment, you could use our PowerPoint Clinic, or why not call us to discuss a small project?

  • Line_Chart_Graph

    Presentation Graph Slides

    8th July - These Presentation Graph slides demonstrate how PowerPoint graphs can be made more exciting. Download these slides for use in your own presentations.PowerPoint Slides

  • ponzi-scheme

    Ponzi Scheme

    7th April - Free downloadable Ponzi Scheme slides. This deck of slides explains how a Ponzi Scheme works and then goes on to compare it to a Pyramid Scheme.PowerPoint Slides

  • purchasing-power

    Purchasing Power

    6th December - This purchasing power PowerPoint slide can be used to explain to a prospect how engaging with you will bring them discounts in the supply chain due to your increased purchasing power.PowerPoint Slides

  • balance-sheet

    Balance Sheet Explained

    18th September - Balance sheet explained in PowerPoint.This educational PowerPoint slide is designed to explain the function of a balance sheet in a simple and visual way to an audience that may be unfamiliar with the concept.PowerPoint Slides

  • leasing-internal

    Internal Leasing Benefits

    24th July - Free internal leasing benefits slide to download. Use this slide if you need to convince your management that offering customers a leasing option will help boost sales.PowerPoint Slides

  • leasing-external

    Benefits of Leasing

    13th July - This benefits of leasing slide demonstrates to a potential customer why leasing gives them better value and better financial control than outright purchasing, giving them a more manageable way to buy from you.PowerPoint Slides

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