Carrier Routes

Monday, July 13th, 2009 5 comments

carrier-routesIn transport and logistics, finding the right carrier for the right haulage job can be important. If a carrier has to travel a significant distance empty in order to make a delivery, this route can be costly to serve. Another carrier may already be travelling a route empty – and this carrier could carry cargo on this route at a lower cost.

Efficient allocation of jobs to carriers keeps costs down, and so is good in the long-run for those sending goods to be transported.

This carrier routes PowerPoint slide shows a visual treatment of an issue in transportation and logistics. You can download and use it in your own presentations. It can be easily edited and re-skinned.

Download these carrier routes slides for use in your own presentation.

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    awesome stuff

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    Thanks, G – we hope we’ve inspired you to create more effective slides!

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    Çok güzel

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    Glad you like it, namikara23.