Retail Presentations

slides-and-templatesm62 produces bespoke visual retail presentations for a number of clients. By using visuals and animations instead of headings and bullet-points, these clients are able to communicate more effectively, and avoid boring their audience.

Here, we share some retail slides that demonstrate our approach. You are welcome to download and adapt these slides for use in your own PowerPoint presentations.

If you have some slides you want to see given the visual treatment, you could use our PowerPoint Clinic, or why not call us to discuss a small project?

  • supply-chain-stability

    Supply Chain Stability

    20th July - This PowerPoint slide shows supply chain stability, achieved through maintaining a set of suppliers. The visual supply chain stability slide can be downloaded for free.PowerPoint Slides

  • product-lifespan

    Product Lifecycle

    28th August - Download for free our product lifecycle PowerPoint slide. Re-formulating and relaunching a product extends the product lifecycle by keeping consumer interest high, thereby maximising revenue.PowerPoint Slides

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