Sports Presentations

PowerPoint and sport. Not the most obvious of bed-fellows. Yet presentations are used in sport all the time – from selling sponsorship packages, to launching new tournaments, to addressing the press. m62 even helped a consortium win the contract to build and run a national sports stadium – with the help of presentations about sport and sporting issues.

With the right photography, and by embedding video, it’s even possible to create presentations that capture the emotion of sport, the community feeling of sport.

Here, we share slides about sport. And recreate famous sporting moments using PowerPoint animation – because we can.

  • world-cup-slides

    World Cup Slides

    18th June - Follow the World Cup with our new PowerPoint slides, and who knows we could see the final you’ve been waiting for – and if not, you can always create it yourself! Download our World Cup slides for free.PowerPoint Slides

  • brazil-italy-world-cup-1970

    Football and PowerPoint

    20th October - Football and PowerPoint. Loved by millions. We’ve recreated one of the greatest goals of all time, using PowerPoint. Download the football slides to see what we did. PowerPoint design, but fun. PowerPoint Slides

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