Football and PowerPoint

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009 0 comments

brazil-italy-world-cup-1970Football and PowerPoint. Loved by millions. Hated by some. But both brilliant, when played at a high level.

To celebrate the forthcoming World Cup football (or soccer, if you’re on the other side of the Atlantic) finals in South Africa, we’ve combined two of our favourite things, to bring you a PowerPoint  goal. Not just any goal – one of the greatest goals of all time, recreated using PowerPoint.

The vast majority of this sequence was created and animated exclusively in PowerPoint. Don’t believe us? Download the slides to see for yourself.

We don’t expect anybody to use these football slides in a business presentation. Not unless you want to present on the merits of teamwork (this was, after all, one of the great team goals). But the next time we hear somebody complain that PowerPoint is boring, and that bullet points are boring… well, just remember, that PowerPoint is a tool, and if a presenter just reads loads of text, it’s because they weren’t trying to have enough fun.

Download our PowerPoint football slides

P.S. In general, we think that PowerPoint probably isn’t the best medium for recreating famous goals. But we might try again anyway. Let us know if you have any sporting moments you would like us to attempt.

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