Archive vs. Backup

Friday, October 19th, 2012 0 comments

Archive v Backup PowerPoint slides thumbnailThis Achive vs. Backup PowerPoint slide demonstrates how the use of long term archive data storage solutions can be more cost effective and less wasteful than short or medium term backup solutions.

There are several categories of data storage, from day to day business data, through important data available as a backup, down to archived data that is infrequently accessed. And yet in many organisations, all of their data is stored in business data storage environments, despite the fact that most business data is unchanged from day to day and can be thought of as fixed content.

Yet companies still back this data up as part of their recovery, or back-up strategy. This creates unnecessary cost through use of energy, staff supervision and storage capacity and unnecessary time wasting through a larger-than-necessary back-up window, taking longer to back-up and restore huge amounts of data, much of which isn’t actually required. This wastage would occur every time a backup is made which multiplies out to be a big issue over time.

A more effective backup policy is to use a true archiving solution. Data that does not change should not be repeatedly backed-up to more expensive storage media, but instead to cheaper and easier to manage archive solutions. By having an effective archive strategy in place, you can not only reduce the burden of backup, but also operate more efficiently within your business data environment too.

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