Christian Templates

slides-and-templatesDownload free Christian PowerPoint templates. These free PowerPoint templates are designed for use by church groups or those giving Christian religious sermons. They all contain subtle animation programmed in to the template for a professional effect, with a Christian-themed background image.

We plan to add templates for other religions in the near future – but there are a lot of people looking for these Christian templates, so we added them first.

  • Easter title slide

    Easter Template

    Featured - With Easter approaching we’ve created this egg-xcellent Easter PowerPoint template design! The Easter template is coloured in cool blue, and a series of Easter eggs frame the bottom of the slide.PowerPoint Templates

  • thumb-prestigious-christian-powerpoint-templates

    Prestigious Christian Template

    Featured - This Christian PowerPoint template shows the Christian fish motif in the bottom left, and a star symbol in the top right. A leaf in the top left aludes to nature. Download the prestigious Christian template for free.PowerPoint Templates

  • thumb-christian-fish-powerpoint-templates

    Christian Fish Template

    Featured - This Christian fish PowerPoint template shows the ichtys. This fish, sometimes known as the Jesus fish, was used as a symbol between early Christians. Download the Christian fish template for free.PowerPoint Templates

  • Palm sunday template

    Palm Sunday Template

    15th April - Our Palm Sunday PowerPoint Template features a fresh green design, with the Palm Cross and Crown of Thorns in the corner.PowerPoint Templates

  • thumb-dynamic-christian-powerpoint-templates

    Dynamic Christian Template

    11th December - This dynamic Christian PowerPoint template shows a Christian cross in the foreground next to some rosary beads. The background of the dynamic Christian template shows a faint image of the Crucifixion. PowerPoint Templates

  • thumb-positive-christian-powerpoint-templates

    Positive Christian Template

    23rd November - This positive Christian PowerPoint Template shows a number of Christian motifs. In the background is a statue of the Virgin Mary. The positive Christian template also shows doves and a small Cross.PowerPoint Templates

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