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Thursday, May 14th, 2009 4 comments

calculator-graph-thumbDownload this free calculator graph PowerPoint template for use in your own presentations.

The calculator graph template shows a calculator on some graph paper. It may be useful for presentations dealing with mathematics, or presenting scientific research findings.

This file is in .pot format, and may take a short while to download.



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4 Comments to Calculator Graph Template

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    8:50 pm, July 21st, 2009

    Please send me one or two of your slides, I’m a student of medical science

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    Joby Blume

    10:27 pm, July 21st, 2009

    Maro, you can download this template by clicking on the large image.

    We have a few slides available on the site that you might find useful. Otherwise, we take requests. Go to the medical presentations page and take a look, and if you want something else – let us know. We have something in our PowerPoint Clinic from last week you might like.

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    7:21 am, July 20th, 2010

    wow again

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    Jessica Pyne

    3:10 pm, July 20th, 2010

    Thanks, G – we hope you find the template useful.