Finance Templates

slides-and-templatesDownload free finance PowerPoint templates. Our designers have developed small presentation toolkits for you to use in your own finance PowerPoint presentations.

These templates are for use in presentations around financial services, and will also be of use for general finance and accounting presentations.

If you want m62 to customise any of these PowerPoint templates, want your existing template refreshed, or would like a bespoke template designed, please contact us.

  • Internet Business small_web_template

    Internet Business Template

    Featured - Need an e-commerce template? This Internet business PowerPoint template features a matrix-style background in blue, with currency symbols at the bottom.PowerPoint Templates

  • coin-stack-thumb-powerpoint-templates

    Cash Template

    Featured - This free cash PowerPoint template shows a pile of money in the background. This cash template might be useful for those presenting on finance, economics, or business.PowerPoint Templates

  • thumb-orange-currency-powerpoint-templates

    Money Template

    Featured - This free money PowerPoint template shows currency symbols – pound, dollar, yen, and Euro – in the background. Download the money template for presentations concerning money.PowerPoint Templates

  • credit-crunch-thumb-powerpoint-templates

    Credit Card Template

    29th June - This credit card template shows the MasterCard and Visa symbols in the background. Download the credit card PowerPoint template for presentations about consumer spending, debt, or the “Credit Crunch”.PowerPoint Templates

  • thumb-raining-money-powerpoint-templates

    Currency Template

    3rd June - This currency PowerPoint template shows currency symbols falling against a red background. Download the currency template for use in financial and international presentations.PowerPoint Templates

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