Industrial Templates

slides-and-templatesDownload free templates. Our designers have developed small presentation toolkits for you to use to in your own PowerPoint presentations.

These templates are based around an industrial theme, and may be suited to those presenting on manufacturing, oil and gas, or other similar topics.

If you want m62 to customise any of these PowerPoint templates, want your existing template refreshed, or would like a bespoke template designed, please contact us.

  • m62-construction-powerpoint-template

    Construction Template

    Featured - Constructing a new PowerPoint presentation? Building a winning pitch? We’ve put our thinking (hard) hats on and created a new construction PowerPoint template. Download the construction template for free.PowerPoint Templates

  • thumb-cogs-powerpoint-templates

    Manufacturing Template

    Featured - This manufacturing PowerPoint template shows three cogs in the top right of the background. The cogs give an impression of dynamism and motion. Download the manufacturing template for free.PowerPoint Templates

  • thumb-equipment-powerpoint-templates

    Equipment Template

    Featured - This blue equipment PowerPoint template shows some factory equipment in the background. The equipment template is slightly abstract, and suitable for use by those presenting on manufacturing or industry.PowerPoint Templates

  • agriculture PowerPoint template thumbnail

    Agriculture Template

    4th September - This agriculture PowerPoint template has an autumnal colour scheme that would be perfect for presentations on agriculture and farming.PowerPoint Templates

  • thumb-mechanical-powerpoint-templates

    Mechanical Template

    2nd March - This mechanical PowerPoint template shows three wheels in the background. The segments of the wheels are indicative of machinery. Download the mechanical template for free.PowerPoint Templates

  • thumb-ghost-cog-powerpoint-templates

    Industry Template

    10th July - This industry PowerPoint template shows a picture of a cog in the bottom right. The background is blue, with a modern-looking square pattern along the bottom. Download the industry template for free.PowerPoint Templates

  • thumb-metal-powerpoint-templates

    Metal Template

    21st June - This metal PowerPoint template has a metal coloured strip along the bottom. The metal template may be useful for those presenting on manufacturing, metallurgy, or industry.PowerPoint Templates

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