PowerPoint Templates

Our designers have developed these PowerPoint templates and backgrounds for you to download and use in your own Microsoft PowerPoint presentations for free. These templates come programmed with colours and most have subtle animations to create impressive transitions.

Free PowerPoint Templates

Some companies give away a few PowerPoint templates, but charge for their nice ones. We don’t do that – we genuinely want to improve the quality of PowerPoint presentations everywhere, so we give away these templates to help you create impressive slides.

Please let us know (in the comments) if you use any of these templates, and what for. We are always interested to hear your ideas on what templates we could provide next, and what PowerPoint backgrounds you would find useful.

If you want m62 to customise any of these templates, want your existing background refreshed, or would like a bespoke PowerPoint template designed, please contact us.

  • graph-powerpoint-template-thumb

    Graph Template

    10th April - Free graph PowerPoint template for use in presentations in schools and colleges. The graph template has a paper-style graph paper background.PowerPoint Templates

  • blackboard-powerpoint-template-thumb

    Blackboard Template

    10th April - Free blackboard PowerPoint template for use in schools by teachers or students. The blackboard template comes complete with pre-programmed animations and shapes.PowerPoint Templates

  • thumb-map-and-barcode-powerpoint-templates

    Map and Barcode Template

    5th April - This map and barcode PowerPoint template shows a map of Europe in the top left, and a subtle bar-code motif along the top and sides. The map and barcode template is ideal for use by small logistics companies.PowerPoint Templates

  • thumb-shipping-powerpoint-templates

    Shipping Template

    3rd April - This free shipping PowerPoint template shows a picture of a ship in the bottom left. The colours are sea-based. Download the shipping template for use in your own presentations.PowerPoint Templates

  • thumb-eastern-powerpoint-templates

    Eastern Template

    2nd April - A maroon Eastern PowerPoint template with gold Sanskrit text overlayed. The Eastern template also features a full moon and golden flower graphics.PowerPoint Templates

  • thumb-xray-powerpoint-template

    x-Ray Template

    26th March - This free x-ray PowerPoint template shows three small x-ray images in the bottom left. An image of a joint and the black and white colour scheme complete the theme of the x-ray template.PowerPoint Templates

  • thumb-graph-paper-powerpoint-templates

    Graph Template

    25th March - This blue graph template shows blue graph squares in the background. Download our graph PowerPoint template for use in presentations in IT, computing, mathematics, or anything technological!PowerPoint Templates

  • thumb-truck

    Truck Template

    25th March - This subtle truck PowerPoint template shows a lone truck moving across a landscape. Ideal for use by small transport and haulage companies, or for presentations about logistics. Download the truck template for free.PowerPoint Templates

  • thumb-abstract-health-powerpoint-templates

    Wellbeing Template

    22nd March - This free wellbeing PowerPoint template is rather abstract. It is designed to convey a sense of calm and serenity. The wellbeing template can be used in presentations about health.PowerPoint Templates

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