PowerPoint Templates

Our designers have developed these PowerPoint templates and backgrounds for you to download and use in your own Microsoft PowerPoint presentations for free. These templates come programmed with colours and most have subtle animations to create impressive transitions.

Free PowerPoint Templates

Some companies give away a few PowerPoint templates, but charge for their nice ones. We don’t do that – we genuinely want to improve the quality of PowerPoint presentations everywhere, so we give away these templates to help you create impressive slides.

Please let us know (in the comments) if you use any of these templates, and what for. We are always interested to hear your ideas on what templates we could provide next, and what PowerPoint backgrounds you would find useful.

If you want m62 to customise any of these templates, want your existing background refreshed, or would like a bespoke PowerPoint template designed, please contact us.

  • healthy-family-thumb

    Healthy Family Template

    13th March - This healthy family PowerPoint template shows a picture of a family in the background. Download the healthy family template for free.PowerPoint Templates

  • thumb-mechanical-powerpoint-templates

    Mechanical Template

    2nd March - This mechanical PowerPoint template shows three wheels in the background. The segments of the wheels are indicative of machinery. Download the mechanical template for free.PowerPoint Templates

  • m62-barcode-powerpoint-templates-thumb

    Barcode Template

    28th February - This free barcode PowerPoint template shows a barcode in the bottom right corner. The barcode template may be useful for presentations on retail, or perhaps logistics.PowerPoint Templates

  • thumb-red-hole-powerpoint-templates

    Explosive Template

    15th February - An explosive PowerPoint template showing a red grid / vortex montage on a white background with a reflective plastic style title bar. Download the explosive template for free.PowerPoint Templates

  • thumb-world-travel

    World Travel Photo Album Template

    12th February - Free word travel photo album PowerPoint template showing an old world map, with passport stamps on top. The photo album template is ideal for use in PowerPoint photo slide shows on travel.PowerPoint Templates

  • thumb-stephoscope-powerpoint-templates

    Stethoscope Template

    3rd February - This stethoscope PowerPoint template can be used in presentations about medicine, health, or medical education. Download the stethoscope template for free.PowerPoint Templates

  • thumb-medical-equipment-powerpoint-templates

    Needle Template

    19th January - This free needle PowerPoint template shows a needle in the bottom right, and a cardiac rhythm across the bottom. Download the needle template for free.PowerPoint Templates

  • thumb-glass-bottles-powerpoint-templates

    Glass Bottles Template

    15th January - Free glass bottles PowerPoint template for use in your pharmaceuticals presentations. The glass bottle template is blue and white, and contains a number of pre-programmed shapes and graphs.PowerPoint Templates

  • generic-medical-thumb-powerpoint-templates

    Atoms Template

    13th January - This free atoms PowerPoint template shows the model of a chain of atoms in the background. The rest of the atom template is clean and business-like. PowerPoint Templates

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