PowerPoint Templates

Our designers have developed these PowerPoint templates and backgrounds for you to download and use in your own Microsoft PowerPoint presentations for free. These templates come programmed with colours and most have subtle animations to create impressive transitions.

Free PowerPoint Templates

Some companies give away a few PowerPoint templates, but charge for their nice ones. We don’t do that – we genuinely want to improve the quality of PowerPoint presentations everywhere, so we give away these templates to help you create impressive slides.

Please let us know (in the comments) if you use any of these templates, and what for. We are always interested to hear your ideas on what templates we could provide next, and what PowerPoint backgrounds you would find useful.

If you want m62 to customise any of these templates, want your existing background refreshed, or would like a bespoke PowerPoint template designed, please contact us.

  • Elegant Wedding Template Title Slide

    Elegant Wedding Template

    14th April - Our Elegant Wedding Template was inspired by the upcoming Royal Wedding in the UK. This wedding PowerPoint template features an elegant black design.PowerPoint Templates

  • Water PowerPoint template title slide

    Water Template

    16th November - This water PowerPoint template features a delicate blue swirl over a white background, with a light blue title slide. Download the water template for free.PowerPoint Templates

  • Cartoon template title slide

    Cartoon Template

    2nd November - Free Cartoon PowerPoint Template for you to download. Want a laid-back template that brings some fun to your presentation design? Use our cartoon template.PowerPoint Templates

  • Fishing large_web_template title

    Fishing Template

    14th September - Off on a fishing trip? Then why not download our free fishing PowerPoint template. The fishing template depicts a clear blue lake, with trees in the background.PowerPoint Templates

  • Trucking Title Master

    Trucking Template

    17th August - Ten-four good buddy! PowerPoint template straight ahead! Here at m62 we’ve put pedal to the metal and created a new Trucking PowerPoint Template.PowerPoint Templates

  • Shark template title

    Shark Template

    4th August - SHARK!!! Sorry, Shark PowerPoint template! With Shark Week underway, we’ve put together a fish-themed Template for use in your next PowerPoint presentation.PowerPoint Templates

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