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virtual-presentationsWhat would make that perfect presentation better?

A virtual presentation can dramatically change the way you deliver your presentations. What if you could deliver you presentation to more people, with less effort, and at a lower cost? The possibilities of a virtual presentation are unlimited. However, as with anything, presenters should be sure that a virtual presentation is the right choice for them. Here we discuss the pros and cons of virtual presentations:

The Pros

Your presentation can be delivered by an unlimited number of people, an unlimited number of times. Most presentations are dependent on the number of presenters who can deliver it; the number of meetings that can be arranged; or the size of the venue. With a virtual presentation, anyone who finds your content can watch it.  As many times as they want.

A virtual presentation can be watched at any time, making it far more convenient for both presenter and audience. What if some members of your audience can’t make the time specified? If someone falls ill? If you find yourself double-booked? None of this is an issue for a virtual presentation. The presentation is recorded once by the presenter – and audiences can watch it whenever they want, from wherever they want.

There are no additional costs associated with a virtual presentation. Record it once, host it online, and that’s it. There are no travel costs, wasted time costs, or venue costs.  Presenters can significantly multiply the number of audience members  – without having to spend to reach them.

No one has to travel to a virtual presentation. There are no geographical limits, time zone difficulties, or volcanic ash clouds disrupting your plans. Someone in South Africa wants to view your pitch on the same day as someone in Hawaii? Not an issue. A Californian prospect wants to view your presentation, but you’re running on East Asian time? No problem. Your presentation can be viewed anywhere, any time, and without having to consult logistics.

The Cons

You lose the ability to tailor your content specifically to your audience. Yes, if you’ve done your research, your presentation will be as tailored to your target audience as possible – but you lose the opportunity to throw in casual asides that you know are relevant to that particular audience member.

Recording your presentation with a green screen can be hard work, taking time, effort and money. As with any investment, it is worth ensuring that it is achieved perfectly. Once you have the finished product, the returns can be enormous – but it is hard work to get there.

Simply narrating over your slides is quicker and easier to do than record a green screen, requiring far less equipment and outside help. However, the physical presence of a presenter is missed. Things like eye contact and hand gestures can aid an audience’s engagement with the presentation. This means that it is even more important to ensure that your visual aids are effective enough to keep the audience fully engaged!

In a virtual presentation, you are not face-to-face with your audience, which can limit the interaction a presenter has with his audience. Without being able to ask questions and gauge audience responses, the presenter is unable to involve his audience in the same way. This can make following up after a presentation difficult, because presenter and audience don’t physically ‘meet’.

Is it for me?

Virtual presentations may not have the same interactivity as a live presentation, but the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages. Being able to deliver your presentation to an unlimited number of people provides an unlimited number of opportunities.

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