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PowerPoint is blamed for a lot of things. We believe the real problem is that many people think they can use it; the software is easy to use, but very hard to use well.

Most PowerPoint users have never had any training. And as we all know, effective training can be the key to mastering software.

These free short PowerPoint training videos are an attempt to fix that problem. Learn how to use PowerPoint – for free – and you might find you can create some great slides. Become your office PowerPoint expert.

Please, though, just stop using bullet points.

Know which version of PowerPoint you’re using? Have a look through our PowerPoint 2003 Tutorials, our PowerPoint 2007 Tutorials and our PowerPoint 2010 Tutorials.

m62 offers face-to-face PowerPoint training sessions for small groups. These sessions train you to use PowerPoint in creative and engaging ways. Please contact us for more details, or see the course outlines in this section.

  • thumb-autoshapes


    24th September - Get to grips with the basics of PowerPoint Autoshapes in this short PowerPoint tutorial and lay the foundations for effective, visual slides.PowerPoint Training

  • thumb-powerpoint-2007

    PowerPoint 2007

    15th August - The major differences of PowerPoint 2007 compared with PowerPoint 2003. Includes a look at the Ribbon, compatibility checking, and customising the Quick Access Toolbar.PowerPoint Training

  • thumb-shortcuts

    Keyboard Shortcuts for PowerPoint Design

    1st July - This Keyboard Shortcuts PowerPoint tutorial demonstrates how to copy, duplicate, drag to align, duplicate formatting, change font size, and group objects quickly in PowerPoint 2003.PowerPoint Training

  • keyboard-shortcuts

    Keyboard Shortcuts

    6th June - Keyboard shortcuts for PowerPoint. To animate multiple objects, skip to any slide, change case, reduce file size, and resize shapes.PowerPoint Training

  • highlight-thumb


    4th June - Free Highlight PowerPoint tutorial – How to highlight part of an object in PowerPoint using the line tool and free-hand drawing.PowerPoint Training

  • zoom-thumb


    3rd June - Screenshot PowerPoint tutorial – Using a simple effect in PowerPoint to ‘zoom in’ on a part of a screenshot.PowerPoint Training

  • effective-graphs-thumb

    Effective Graphs

    2nd June - This Effective Graphs PowerPoint presentation takes the form of a video explaining how to use graphs to present clear messages in PowerPoint.PowerPoint Training

  • information-flow-thumb

    Building Graphs

    1st June - This Building Graphs PowerPoint tutorial demonstrates how to present graphs effectively. When comparing data on a graph, data should be introduced gradually.PowerPoint Training

  • webinar-4

    PowerPoint Tips

    31st May - Pre-recorded webinar looking at tips and hints for using PowerPoint. Topics include importing information into PowerPoint, creating toolbars, keyboard shortcuts, quality guidelines, and setting up slide shows.PowerPoint Training

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