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Monday, August 1st, 2011 13 comments

powerpoint-2003-helpHere you can ask any PowerPoint 2003-related questions. Want to know how to use a particular tool? Having technical difficulties? Ask away!

Please leave a comment below if you have a question, and the team here at m62 will get back to you as soon as possible.

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13 Comments to PowerPoint 2003 Help

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    michele sims

    7:23 pm, September 21st, 2011

    Data labels for pie charts — I would like to be able to increase the font size to make them more legible, but in so doing the text box doesn’t increase, so it puts oddly placed breaks in my text, and doesn’t allow me to increase the text box to accommodate. Is there a way to reformat the shape of the text box of the data labels without removing the data labels entirely and inserting a manual text box?

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    Richard Goring

    7:22 pm, September 25th, 2011

    Hi Michele,

    Tricky one this, as the graphing function in PowerPoint 2003 is a little basic. You can’t alter the formatting of the pie chart text labels, other than font type, size and colour. None of the regular text box formatting options (such as wrap text to shape or not) do not aply.

    The only thing that I can suggest is to widen just the width (that is, not the height too) of the entire pie chart. This should mean that your pie chart will stay the same size, but there is more horizontal space for your text labels. You should then be able to increase the font size without the text wrapping issue.

    This works in some instances, but not all and depends upon the position and length of your text labels. Hopefully it will be successful,


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    Natalie Thomas

    5:27 am, April 19th, 2012

    HELP! I have created a presentation in Powerpoint 2003 and every time I save and close it all the bullet points disappear.

    Any suggestions?

    Many thanks,


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    7:32 pm, September 11th, 2012

    Hi – I have PPT 2003 and downloaded your editable world map. I can’t ungroup the map – any suggestions?

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    Jessica Pyne

    12:10 pm, September 12th, 2012

    Hi Mike,

    Could you be a bit more specific about the issues you are having? Are you not sure how to do it, or are you receiving an error message? The more specific you are, the sooner we can get a solution from our designers!


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    1:39 am, December 15th, 2012

    For some reason the text outline is not working anymore. On all of my saved files that the text outline was used, all of the text disappears.

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    Jeff white

    4:08 am, January 2nd, 2013

    how do I continuously play a short audio clip throughout a longer powerpoint presentation

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    Jessica Pyne

    2:52 pm, January 16th, 2013

    Brandy – I forwarded your query on to our design team, but they’re unsure what exactly the issue is. Could we have more details please? What are you using the text outline on? Have you opened your file in a different version of PowerPoint? If you let us know as many details as possible, we can provide better help!

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    Jessica Pyne

    2:57 pm, January 16th, 2013

    Hi Jeff,

    This is a fairly simple issue to resolve in 2003 and shouldn’t take long to fix. After inserting the audio onto the slide you should see a small, yellow speaker icon – the audio file you’ve inserted. Right click the icon and select ‘custom animation’, this should open the custom animation bar on the right of your screen.

    From here, double click on the play animation (a white triangle) to open the ‘Play Sound’ window which will present you with a number of options. In the ‘Effect’ tab, there is an option half way down that tells the sound when to stop playing. Select ‘After’ from this drop down window and enter a number one greater than the number of slides in your deck.

    In order to loop it throughout the deck, you’ll need to click into the ‘Timing’ tab. In this section there should be a ‘Repeat’ option with a drop-down menu somewhere towards the centre of the window. Clicking here to select ‘Until end of slide’ will allow the sound file to repeat until the end of the show. Click OK to leave the animation dialogue and test the audio, it should now play across all the slides in your presentation.

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    Kathy Roberts

    7:35 am, May 11th, 2013

    I am creating a presentation in Powerpoint 2003. I have done this before but can’t remember how. I want to show editorial comments on a busy process flowchart slide so after showing the process slide in color, want to grey out the slide completely so it is dimly showing through in the background and put red circles and red comments on top of the greyed out background. How do I grey out the entire slide so it is dimly visible and I can still put bright red circles and comments on top of key parts of the process components?

    Thanks for your help

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    Jessica Pyne

    12:27 pm, May 16th, 2013

    Hi Kathy, sorry for the delay in getting back to you. One of our designers has outlined the following instructions for you:

    The easiest way to fade down the content of a slide in PowerPoint 2003 is to use the ‘desaturate’ animation.

    Firstly open the ‘Custom Animation’ pane from the drop down menu at the top right of the screen (by default this shows slide layouts).

    Next, select all the content you wish to fade down by clicking and drawing a selection marquee across the slide.

    With everything selected, on the custom animation window click ‘Add Effect’ > ‘Emphasis’ > ‘More Effects’ > ‘Desaturate’. This should allow you to drop the content into the background whilst you highlight specific points on top. The only drawback to this is that it doesn’t work with images.

    An alternative for images would be to use the ‘Transparency’ animation. This is a less attractive animation but does drop the opacity on all elements and would again allow you to highlight over the top.

    If you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to get back in touch!

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    3:24 am, December 16th, 2013

    I had created a holiday PowerPoint 2003 presentation to send a friend. I am having problems playing a holiday song that is an MP3 file within the presentation. I had converted the file to a .wav file and it still will not play. I even tried inserting a few other MP3 files that I have stored on my PC and two of them played very well when I inserted them within the presentation…but this file will not whether its in a MP3 format or a .wav format as well. I would be very grateful for any advice to resolve this problem…thanks so much..

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    3:51 am, January 29th, 2014

    Hi, were in desperate need, trying to create a powerpoint for my nans funeral and weve made the slide show and can get music on it but the music will only play on its own or the pictures on there own but they wont play together. weve made sure its all the correct settings they just wont play together!! help!!