e-Presentation Skills

presentation-skillse-Presentation skills aren’t the same as regular presentation skills. Audiences are more easily distracted. Eye contact is impossible. Social behaviour constraints don’t apply. It’s harder to gauge audience reaction.

Yet, at the same time, more and more people are presenting over the web. e-Presentation skills are a vital area, that few people have begun to master. Get ahead of the game and make sure yours count!

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    Virtual Selling

    1st September - Virtual selling is made more effective by using a visual web presentation, instead of relying on the telephone alone. This article looks at how to make winning online presentations.Presentation Skills

  • webinar-5

    Web Presenting

    14th June - Pre-recorded webinar from m62′s own Chas Williams, looking at how to present over the Internet. What techniques should presenters use to take advantage of web presentation technology?Presentation Skills

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