Presentation Skills

Presentation skills aren’t just about how you present – it’s about what you present. It’s easier to act well with a good script. It’s easier to present well with a great presentation.

Because we can read silently so much quicker than we can read aloud, audiences ignore presenters who read bullet points from the screen. Instead, audiences read the presentation for themselves, and get bored waiting for the presenter to catch up. Presentation skills training courses that focus on these ‘soft’ presentation skills – body language, nerves, posture – can’t overcome this problem easily. So, don’t read tracts of text from the screen. The most effective presenters work seamlessly with visuals for maximum impact.

Presenting effectively is about more than just soft skills. Body language and tone of voice alone cannot disguise an awful presentation. Even the best presentation skills come unstuck with the wrong material.

m62 offers presentation skills training for presenters. These sessions can be run in-house for organisations, or are sometimes made available as open training courses. m62 presentation skills training teaches presenters to present well – unlike most presentation training which simply tries to minimise the damage a bad presentation does. Contact us for more details, or see the course outlines in this section.

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