Presentation Skills Training

presentation-skills-165x125Presentation skills are vitally important in business life today. Yet, much presentation skills training simply teaches how to present bullet points in the least-bad way. The problem is that if your audience can read the core of your message from a screen behind you, they don’t need to listen to what you say. Which makes presenting much harder than it needs to be.

m62′s presentation skills training courses go beyond teaching delegates how to stand, breathe, and speak – although these things are covered too. For m62, presentation skills training is about teaching presenters to present PowerPoint presentations effectively – and the starting point for that is to learn what slides work, and what slides undermine the presenter. The course teaches presenters how to work with visual aids to present information effectively.

Training can be provided in-company or open-access. m62 Presentation Skills Training is run across the UK, USA, Europe, and Asia.

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